Why Do You Want to Be a CNA Essay Example

Why Do You Want to Be a CNA Essay Example
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📌Published: 05 August 2020

It includes a lot of dirty work such as changing briefs, taking vitals, feeding residents, keeping the residents clean and so much more. CNA’s can work at multiple facilities. For example, nursing facilities, hospitals, assisted living facilities and hospice centers. You must have compassion to do this line of work. 

A CNA can train at a nursing home, vocational schools or even colleges. The training course is about 4 to 12 weeks and requires you to have hands-on training as well. You also have to get a license to practice this type of work and it can take time, but it also costs up to $100 to get this license as well and if one passes the test then your name will be placed on a website for proof of certification. The test consists of one written test which can take up to an hour and clinical skills test. 

A CNA needs to have communication skills to address different issues to the nurse such as bed sores or if they think something could be wrong with their resident or patient. New and different things happen every day to these residents and it could be very difficult because when one takes care of them so much one can develop a lot of emotional attachment and when their time comes it can be hard to see them go. 

A CNA sometimes must lift and transfer their residents depending on their mobility. Sometimes one can walk and do the things they need and sometimes they cannot. A resident needs a CNA because depending on their status of mobilization, they cannot get around without them, they cannot get clean without them, they need a CNA to communicate sometimes depending on whether they can talk, they even sometimes have to feed this resident because sometimes they are not mentally ready to eat or because they simply can be weak. 

As I mentioned before it can be emotionally distressing to see a resident pass on and die. Simply because when one takes care of them they can become very emotionally attached and when one sees them pass it's hard to bare. So if you want advice its too try not to become attached to your resident because if you do it's hard to maintain objective and professional. Because your relationship with them is strictly professional. One is there to care for them until they pass not because one is close to them but because it is one's job.


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