Why I Want to Be a Doctor Essay Sample

Why I Want to Be a Doctor Essay Sample
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📌Published: 13 April 2021

Doctors, Nurses, and Physicians have been a big part of my life since I was little. I got used to being at the doctor, having scans taken, tests run and blood drawn. I was never terrified of being in the hospitals; I was always amazed at how friendly all of the employees were and how big the building appeared to me being so little. I knew at a young age that I wanted to be a doctor or a nurse, I dreamed of “helping the sick people” as I would tell my mom. I’ve had a knack for trying to make things better for people. My dad is a contractor, he would come home from work all the time with deep cuts and scrapes. I would wait for him to get back, sit in his chair and take off his boots. I had a little side table that I would put on either side of him, stocked up with bandaids, Neosporin and Peroxide and I’d fix him right up. I would be right back in the same spot next to him the next day and the next day to make sure his bandages got changed, and I would yell at him when he would put electrical tape over the cuts. That was just a glimpse of when I found out I loved fixing people and healing them. I never knew what exactly I wanted to do until I got a little bit older and realized there were different types of doctors and nurses. 

It wasn't until my first aunt was pregnant with her fourth baby. She had developed severe preeclampsia, which put her life and the baby's life at risk. They delivered Imogene in December that year at 29 weeks, she had spent months in the NICU for being so prematurely born. I loved watching her journey and watch her grow; every little thing that happened was a big deal, she would gain an ounce or two, and we would all celebrate because it is so exciting. During all this excitement my second aunt was expecting as well, not thinking much about what had happened to my first aunt's pregnancy, she was planning on carrying to full term. That next July the doctors delivered my cousin Cooper at 29 weeks, he spent several months in the NICU as well, he was such a trooper. To the present day, Imogene and Cooper are both happy, healthy kiddos, they go to school with other kids their same age with little to no deficiencies. 

After seeing the miracles and magic that can happen in the NICU and in Pediatrics I knew that is exactly what I want to do. Through Health OCC I hope to learn more about the fundamentals of nursing and what I need to do to get where I want to be. I want the challenge of the program and everything that it entails, I want to work hard to be in the program and keep my seat there. Having the opportunity to see first hand what I have dreamed of doing for the rest of my life before I go to college and having a leg up from others who may have never stepped foot into a patient's room, or heard the medical terminology would be such a great experience. I may not be saving lives on the daily now, but being in this program gets me one step closer to doing just that.


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