Career Investigation: Occupational Therapy Essay Example

Career Investigation: Occupational Therapy Essay Example
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📌Published: 09 November 2020

The career that I had in mind of choosing has to be Occupational Therapy. I chose this career because I want to help patients rehabilitate their skills of what he/she dreamt of (California CareerZone California CareerZone.). This type of career has topics, such as body improvements or mental abilities. I first heard of Occupational Therapy from staff in our school, he said how, “Physical Therapy is very competitive, I think occupational therapy is a little more suitable for you.“ I understand what he meant by competitiveness, Physical Therapy is very challenging because people are going to depend on the top rank Therapists.” I was interested in this career because I want to help people rehabilitate their physical and mental behavior (California CareerZone California CareerZone). As I see it, this sort of profession isn't the most basic yet exceptionally magnanimous vocation with regards to taking care of patients.

The responsibilities of therapy are to test and analyze the patients physical and mental abilities. Our duty is to help people with various disabilities to perform simple, but different tasks. Such as placing a shirt on the patient, cooking them a meal, or labeling a cabinet of food for patients who have dementia (CollegeGrad). Being a therapist requires jobs to get a good experience. The most common one is to be the Therapist’s assistant, to know what to do when it’s their time to be with the patient (CollegeGrad.). In the estimates of the occupational therapist scale, about ten thousand three hundred people have been employed ever since 2014 (California CareerZone California CareerZone). We as a society need such a career because, without it, patients with major disabilities won’t be able to rehabilitate them at all. No progress will have results and soon enough, the crippled wouldn’t receive any medical attention. These are the reasons why such a career gives an impact to our society.

Schools give the student requirements for their specific career. In high school, the students are required to attend Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology classes. Some offer post-education classes, those with disabilities can attend 2-year community colleges, 4-year colleges, and universities, or graduate and professional degree programs ( If so, the student will have to know and understand the responsibilities of self-closer and academics with the patient. Westminster High School offers biology, chemistry depending on their specific job, health and social sciences. However, in college, it gives the student an opportunity to attend majors depending on their career. Northridge gives the student preparation with Kinesiology and Psychology classes to prepare for Occupational Therapy (California State University-Northridge). It’s not just Cal State Northridge attaining this sort of career to study and fully experiencing the career itself.  High School and College have two things in common when it comes to Occupational Therapy. There are programs, volunteering elements that lead the students to experience how and what to do when becoming the Physician. Throughout everyday life, individuals have longed for and in the end work at their particular vocation in light of the fact that the measure of training they've accomplished.

Occupational Therapy has a very important role when it comes to their physical and mental abilities towards the patients (CollegeGrad). You must have a large amount of patience, the feeling of empathy and compassion towards the patient (CollegeGrad). The physician must be connected with the patient, you have to be unbelievably obedient and need physical strength (CollegeGrad). The organization is part of becoming responsible to clean a person's house or themselves. Whenever the patient seems to have a bad time in life, the therapist must be communicating (CollegeGrad). Such as being a friend having a bad time and the other friends helps to make them feel like themselves again. The Physician must be accustomed to the patient's interest. Whether it be anything they like, the therapist must be creative and have a connection towards their patient(CollegeGrad). In the personality profile, Occupational Therapy is an excellent job for me to attend and work for.

Such a career needs to have clients who are willing to be open with other patients. Another thing to be a part of this establishment is to be really determined to work hard for the mentally,physically or emotionally disabled people. Which is a sacrifice to not take lightly, the client or should I say the Therapist has to be well-connected (Pros and Cons of Being an Occupational Therapist). Every career has their set of salaries, a payment is given depending on how or what the client has been doing. An average salary for an Occupation Therapist in California is around $95,160. I agree that Occupational Therapy isn’t easy and simple to be working in because it’s based on competition. The top therapist is exactly where most patients in the public would primarily choose. The highest amount of money given to the client is 126,660 dollars (California CareerZone California CareerZone). I feel like this career is a great opportunity to get more connected with new people.

Occupational Therapy has thousands upon thousands of programs to choose from. Whether it be Physical, Mental, or Emotional Therapy, there is always a program towards the public to volunteer in. However, the client may have to be in centered nature realizing that they may lead to Physical or Mental pressure (Pros and Cons of Being an Occupational Therapist).  Sure, there are highs and lows when it comes to careers. It can’t always be what the person should expect what they’ve got. 

However, there are advantages to this career. The connection is one of them, to meet new people (Pros and Cons of Being an Occupational Therapist). Work settings are a tough advantage, realizing that you have to be with the patient 24 seven. If you have ever been to yoga classes or where the entire is a necessity, then no doubt that Occupation Therapy requires flexibility. Lastly, A huge demand for employment (Pros and Cons of Being an Occupational Therapist).  In the calculation of the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, they have resulted from 2014 to 2024, there would be a growth of 27 percent in the career outlook for occupational therapists in the United States of America (Pros and Cons of Being an Occupational Therapist). It’s not going to be easy to be employed in such a job, but it’s a job for me to work as.

Throughout my life, I want to succeed in this career because it’s not a necessity. My true reason for becoming an Occupational Therapist to help patients in need. The public needs clients that are capable of doing so. Sacrificing their lives for others in order to be well connected with other peers. The important thing in Physical, Mental, or Emotional Therapy, a hard effort is needed towards this career. Opportunities are meant to have proceeded and well spent on whatever valuable time a human has gotten at his or her point. In any case, Occupational Therapy is without a doubt a well-deserved career.

I feel like I fully comprehend what it takes to become an Occupational Therapist. I'm going to seek after my profession objectives by volunteering in secondary school programs. School majors will be the second mission to completely prevail on my way to turn into an advisor. While writing this report, I figured out how a few pieces of Occupational Therapy may appear to be an appropriate activity. Other than what I should do so as to prevail in this profession.


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