Why I Want to Become a STEM Student

Growing up there were many things that I viewed as cool and exciting to which I would always follow by saying that, that was what I wanted to do when I grew up. All the time my mother tells me the stories of how one day I would wake up and say that I wanted to be something and then changed my mind by the end of the day or week. Among those that I remember, I passed through the typical stage of many children to want to become a superstar, and then I moved along to wanting to work on things related to aviation since it has always been and interested of mine to learn how to drive a plane. 

Around when I was seven-years-old, considering my adoration and respect for animals, I began to say that I wanted to be a veterinarian. But when my mother told one when I got home from school that my cousin was having a baby after years of trying, and me talking with her for almost the entirety of her three trimesters hearing her excitement made me think whether I really wanted to be a veterinarian. Even though I couldn't see her facial expressions because she was in Dominican Republic and I in Lakeland, her voice told me everything. She sounded extremely blessed and grateful that it made me think, how could I help other women feel those feelings that my cousin described as exhilarating and overpowering, and at that moment I knew that was what I wanted to as a career. 

Up until today I am still determined and committed to achieve a career healthcare. I wish to assist and benefit those who seek care and make a difference by advocating for the Hispanic community that don’t hold the requirements or don't have someone to help them receive health care.

I consider myself to be a person with high determination when it comes to achieving my goal, but that is not only because of me. I am the person I am today thanks to the people that on a daily basis have an effect on me and the unconditional support of my parents and high school teachers. Having decided at an early age what I want to do has enabled me to set up and commit to my goals and aspirations, as well as encouraged me to want to hold a better performance. This particular set of characteristics makes me want to continuously improve myself as both an individual and as a student. Whether it is taking an exam or following social norms, I challenge myself to give my best to achieve greatness. I believe that with my past experiences, people skills being a STEM student will all allow me to meet this goal. By gaining experience with the many hands-on programs and the provided support I believe that I will get the opportunity to become an advocate for the development of new technology that could potentially help and/or change how we view the health care field today, while I as well help to further develop other STEM skills for the future to come. 

Standing almost at the end of my first year of college as a biology major I can say that I am pleased with my decision. Being a STEM student has given me a better perspective of how the future could look like, with my new teachers right my side inspiring and encouraging me to be my best by continuously giving me new challenges to keep me going and reach my full potential and beyond. This past year has been very exiting, but at the same time, nerve-racking with starting a new phase in my life and all, but as a declared STEM student I have been able to find reassurance. With all the many events and organizations available for STEM students at FSC, I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge and experience and made new friends with the same or similar goals as me. Overall, being a STEM student has positively influenced my perception of things. From which I have been able to gather many things, such as the importance of communication among colleges, something that I put into use when I go every week to help some kids at a volunteer center.



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