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EssayGoose is a storage of free essays that you can get access to in one simple click. Over 20 categories of papers can be found just in one place. We have examples of papers on almost any subject - architecture, business, history, art, philosophy, literature, science, sports, eduction, and many more. 


Each category also includes subcategories to ease your navigation. For instance, click on Literature and you’ll see that the page has free essay samples on American and British literature, mythology, Western literature, books reviews and character analysis, and even a separate category dedicated to William Shakespeare since the number of assignments on his works is tremendous and almost every student needs them.   

EssayGoose is a free essays database that you can start using right away. You don’t need to register on our website to get full access. We do not ask  our visitors for membership or provide any charges for using the samples. EssayGoose is absolutely FREE. 

How Do We Get the Papers?

The essay samples that you can find on our site are the papers shared by students who have already graduated from colleges and universities. These papers helped them to achieve their goals and now when they are not students anymore, they share them with you since these samples can help you with your academic goals. 


Since these are the papers donated by former students who want to share their experience with a new generation of students, we do not request any payment for using this database of samples. You can use any essay for free, but do not use them as your own assignment. This is plagiarism, your paper won’t be unique, and you’ll get an F. The purpose of these examples is to show you how to write your own essay, not to be copied and pasted in your assignment. 

How Essay Samples Can Boost Your Academic Performance? 

To become better, you need to learn from those who have already achieved the success. 


You get an assignment, the topic seems difficult to you and you don’t know where to begin. You have some ideas how to start, but still there is no full picture in your head. What should you do? You can start writing hoping that you are doing everything right or you can look for some examples to see how others have coped with the same assignment as yours. 


When you don’t know how to write something, look for a guideline. When you don’t know how to organize your ideas and what to write about, check the sample. 

Why essay samples are a good solution? 

  1. They can give you a hint

When you get stuck and don’t know what you should write, a good sample can show you the way.


  1. They can show what you have missed

Your paper may miss some meaningful arguments to make your statements more solid and grounded. An example can show you what your paper lacks.


  1. They can point the mistake

Some of your statements may be wrong, or you may present them in a wrong way. Take a look at a sample to see whether others do the same way. 


  1. They can show you that you are on the right way 

Your paper is fine, but you still doubt whether you did everything correctly. A someone’s example can assure you that you are on the right way. 

Use Essays For Free, but Don’t Forget About the Credits

This free essay download solution can become a true savior for many students. So, if you find EssayGoose useful, you can do a little favor for us and tell your friends about this website. They may get benefit from it as well as you. In case, you have any essay samples that got a high rate and you don’t need them anymore, you can share them with others on our website. Send it to our email address and we will post it on the site. 

Let's help each other become better and create a community of free essay samples that can be used as a guideline for writing an original paper.

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