Essay about Benefits of Learning to Code Early On

Essay about Benefits of Learning to Code Early On
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📌Published: 29 August 2021

Not many people know how to code, nor do they know how important it is to learn early on. Gen Z has grown up with smartwatches, handheld computers, you can access the whole world with the swipe of a finger. The technology that we are using is constantly changing and advancing every day. Teaching children how to code now is going to push them so much further with the world that we are living in today. Coding is a skill that would be highly beneficial to a child early on, it would allow them to think differently and would add to other aspects of life, when it is time for that high school or college graduate to enter the job market, he or she would have more security as well; therefore, learning to code early on would benefit all of us. 

Learning to code early on gives children skills that only increase their potential. Coding is like learning a new language, of course they will have difficulties and see failures, but coding is not about failing, it is more about seeing your mishaps and learning to fix them. It also requires a lot of attention, it would help them become more levelheaded, and provide patience. Also, the technology that we have is forever changing and evolving, coding makes it easier when using different platforms or devices. (Brown. D) Having that extra coding tool in your box gives you more especially in this digital world that we are closely moving into. 

Coding not only has the benefits for learning, but there are also plenty more when it comes to the job market as well. Companies are looking more and more towards skill-based employees other than those that have a degree. In the “Statesman” article, they speak of having to reskill America for the future of work. “Companies like Google, Apple, and Starbucks have begun to eliminate degree requirements for certain roles.” (Kausik Rajgopal and Steve Westly) Studies have shown that learning to code now at a younger age is better for the long term because there are going to jobs that haven’t even been invented because of the use of technology. 

We are currently dealing with a pandemic, so a lot of jobs have transitioned to working from home. Not everyone is that tech savvy and knowing to code would help with that, going from the computer, your smartphone, to a tablet, also using many different computer programs. We are taking business meetings, doctors visits, and job interviews from the seat of your living or kitchen table. Due to the pandemic, more parents have opted to at home learning other than in person. Now parents and their children are learning more from staring at a computer screen. 

When you think about coding, some people would think of a guy just sitting behind a desk typing away all day. There is so much more to it than just that. Now more then ever, companies are looking for software engineers, app developers, programmers among many other different positions. Coding has made way into the construction industry, healthcare, agriculture, your local police department as well as the military. It is so much more than apps and video games now. Learning how to do it gives you endless possibilities. 

We all know how to use a phone, computer or tablet, but they are constantly changing. Companies like Google and Apple come out with a new phone, watch, computer, or tablet every year. Knowing to code helps with that. You will be able to stay up to speed with the constant changes as well as advancements in the technology that we use every day. The world that we live in is at a constant change with the technology that we use, coding is not just for children, but for all of us.  

Knowing how to code helps with security as well. We have Wi-Fi at home, that’s connected to our phones, computers, security cameras, which also gives us access to our most precious information, bank accounts, social security numbers, family photos. Yes, there are plenty of programs out there that you can download, pay a subscription to, and have some one else monitor your information. Although would you not feel safer if you knew how to do this all on your own? As I have searched for this information, there have been so many different articles boot camps, classes, seminars, online learning tutorial videos, all to learn how to code. It has become such a highly searched about topic that more and more schools are looking to integrate it into their curriculum. 

In conclusion, there are only benefits to learning how to code. This is not something that is only for adults, or children but for everyone. The world we live in is constantly changing and the evolution is with technology. Computers went from being the size of a refrigerator to being small enough to fit in your pocket. We are constantly achieving greater heights with what have, and it all starts with sitting down in front of a computer and just learning how it all works.

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