How can the three disciplines work together to solve the crime?

Fingerprint Officers/Analysist
A fingerprint officer needs to prove how the finger prints on the aquarium, door handle, metal rod, chocolate bar wrapper and note can all be connected to the same person (the suspect). The fingerprint officer can lift the fingerprints using different methods. With the areas that have the fingerprint on them, the fingerprint officer would most likely use a fine powder (biochromatic powder) to reveal any fingerprints so that the finger print can be lifted and placed in an airtight container then get shipped off to get analysed.

Track Tread Analysist
A track tread analysist (TTA) can determine what brand and model made the mark of the blue shoe prints. A TTA can then determine the size of the person which then leads to determination of the height. All of this information is crucial to an investigation because having evidence like what is here can narrow suspects down making it easier to suspect someone of a crime. No 2 shoes will have the exact same print for example: one shoe could have more tread then a different one, one shoe could have a different pattern, one shoe could have more or less print on it, this is due to how much it has been worn. These can be used to tell how old a shoe is. all of this information can be crucial to finding the person that committed the crime. If the crime committed was in a field that had dirt, soil or a type of surface that is similar than the TTA can try and figure out the weight of the person making it easier to convict someone of a crime.

DNA Analysis 
A DNA Analysis can help in a crime investagation by doing an analysis on the chocolate bar wrapper. The DNA Analysis can find the DNA of any person especially because no two people have the same DNA. A DNA Analysis will be helpful in every investagation due to the fact that there will be DNA left behind from everyone everywhere he/she goes, this being able to detect everyone who was at the crime site.

How the 3 all work together
The 3 specialties will all work together by combining the knowledge of everyone involved in the investigation making it easier for the guilty person to be found and put in jail. With all the modern day technology it is the hardest time to commit a crime and get away with it, with that being said  in the future it will just be even harder to commit any crimes. convicting the right person is a crucial part to an investagation because if the wrong person is convicted than an innocent person has been put into jail for no reason.

In this case all the three disciplines could work together by the original fingerprint analysis getting the fingerprints to try and find out who is guilty there. The fingerprint analysis can then narrow down the suspect to 1 person. That is not all though, to make sure that the right person is convicted the TTA can find out the shoe that the purp was wearing, this making it easy and can then nearly 100 percent confirm the criminal, the TTA can find the person by going into the shoe shops data base and finding what brand of shoes the accused victim. Narrowing the accused person down will finally bring to the table the DNA analysis, this will make the police and convicters 100 percent sure of who the person is, the DNA analysis will collect DNA from the crime scene allowing DNA specialists to discover who the person is. After all of this work the correct person can be convicted with 100 percent certainty that the convicters and police have got the correct person not a innocent person that shouldn't be in prison. 

Strengths of discipline
The strongest discipline would be the DNA analysis, this is based on the fact that being able to find out what the criminals DNA is will narrow it down to 1 or 2 people making it very easy to convict the right person. the second strongest discipline is the fingerprint analysis, this is due to the fact of how getting a fingerprint is very crucial to finding the correct person, yes no 2 people have the same fingerprints which should make it the strongest discipline, the reason it is not the strongest is due to how there can be more errors in reading the fingerprints rather than the DNA, there are many more ways that can make a fingerprint incorrect but many less for DNA. The weakest discipline is the TTA, the TTA is not a very important role, if there is a DNA analysis and a fingerprint analysis at the crime scene then the TTA would only be in the investagation to check once the fingerprint analysis and DNA analysis have a lead on who the criminal could be.


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