Why I Want to Become a Pediatrician Essay Example

I don’t enjoy being angry, but at times, my anger can take hold of me. When I do lose my composure, it’s usually only a singular straw that breaks the camel’s back. My father’s death played a large role in my outbursts but wasn’t the only factor at hand. After repeated incidents, I realized that I needed to find a way to control my emotions.

It was the summer of 2018. I was browsing my computer when I just so happened to find an image of what looked like a tiny animalistic character wearing underwear with a symbol on it. It was a cute little critter that appeared to stem from some kind of Japanese animation. I soon figured out that this creature was from the anime ヒミツのここたま (Himitsu no Cocotama), and that those animals were actually deities of specific objects in our world. The concept was novel and immediately caught my attention.

The theme song immediately brought a smile to my face, upbeat and cheery, yet not so wondrous that it was annoying. From this first episode, I gathered that the series was about a Japanese school girl caring for these gods of different objects, called cocotamas, as they try to help as many people as they can. After I finished the first episode, I watched the next on the next day, and the third on the third day, and so forth. I had been so accustomed to stories of angst and anger that my life was fueled by those emotions, but after I started watching Cocotama, I began to lead a happier life. Whenever I felt I couldn’t do something, I would remember that I had all my friends behind me. These feelings were those that a child should realize, yet I had lost when I transitioned into high school due to the stressful workload. I hadn’t realized until then that I had lost quite a bit of what made me happy.

Christmas came around and I got a bunch of merchandise from the show. My family wondered why I chose to get toys instead of items that a normal teenager would want for Christmas. The reason why is because none of those gifts would make ever me happy, but these did. I would start bringing my toys with me to bring me luck on tests. Oshaki for English, Melory for music, Rakitama for math, and so on. I would feel secure having them all with me. My favorite was Geracho, the god of laughter. A large sum of modern humor is based on making fun of other people, and because of that, I felt bad for laughing at many jokes my friends made, but Geracho taught me that it’s okay to laugh at the jokes we found entertaining as children. As we should always keep a piece of our childhood with us in life. I realize how it’s hard growing up in a society wants us to leave our past behind as we age, but our childhoods shape who we are, and because of that should be remembered fondly rather than repressed so that they can be passed on to the future youth.

This is a major factor in why I aspire to become a pediatrician. I want to keep a piece of my childhood intact as I enter the adult world, and as a pediatrician, I can share all of the characters I love with the children I meet. Not only that, but I hate seeing children in pain, so I hope that through pediatrics, I can improve the lives of many sick children in the world. This is why I believe that working as a pediatrician is my outlet for making a positive change in the world.



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