My Future Job Essay Example. Why I want to Become the Character Artist

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I am Trustworthy because I know what I should and shouldn't say, Caring I care about the work I do and about the people around me, Optimistic I have a positive attitude towards my work and the people I work with, Effective listener When interested in the subject or job Im working on that i'm interested in the job or the subject has my full attention at all times, Well-Organized because I have OCD, Great planner I am a great planner because I tend to plan multiple steps ahead, I am Logical because I connect some form of logic to all of my work, Understanding Because I am open minded to all situations and ideas, and i'm Persistent because when I start something I see it to the end.

My top 3 development roles are Level designer, Environmental artist, and Character artist.

Job Selection

Job Description: Game designer: Character Artist.

Responsibilities: Draw and create Weapons, Vehicles, Characters, and other props.

Ten Year plan

Year 1: Attend high school and choose video editing, and art as my electives

Purpose: Develope basic art and editing skills.

Year 2: Complete High school

Year 3: Attend college and choose Art and photography as my classes.

Purpose: Develope professional Art and editing skills

Year 4: Continue college and choose Video production.

Purpose: Develope character movements and environmental movements.

Year 5: Finnish college and begin making Characters and props for games.

Purpose: Develope an understanding of editing character animation and character creation.

Year 6: Apply for an Junior character artist position at a game studio.

Purpose: Get an understanding of what the job is and get experience of working with others.

Year 7: Stay and work for the studio for a couple of years to gain experience

Purpose: Show future studios that I have reliability, stability and experience with the job.

Year 8: Get enough experience to drop the Junior title.

Purpose: Get more experience in the job and get closer to an advancement

Year 9: Get good enough to become the official character artist.

Purpose:  Do the best I can to earn an advance and get more experience managing others.

Year 10: Apply for an Character artist position at a bigger studio.

Purpose: Work with a larger group of people.



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