Philosophy Of Nursing Essay Example

Nursing is also classified as “an individual who have been trained to care for a sick person”. Whereas this concept seems straightforward, I believe there is so much more to nursing than that. My philosophy of nursing includes nurses  not only assisting with treating  people through illness, but  also promoting health, educating the general population, and having the responsibility to the public to provide safe, holistic, patient-centered care. 

Nurses play a vital role in  ensuring that people have access to high-quality health care. They have a special obligation to serve as public health role models for their patients, workers, and the general public. They aid patients or receive preventative services such as counseling, screenings, and precautionary procedures or medications by acting as catalysts for healthy lifestyles through encouragement and training. Health communication allows patients to  better understand their needs, preparing them to make a vital health decision. Ultimately, I would assume that health promotion improves the quality of life for people of all age groups, and most likely reduces premature death. My objective as a medical student is to do everything in my power to guarantee that I can strive to  pursue wellness in my future patients . I want to make a difference in the lives of patients, just as nurses did for my grandfather, who is facing cancer. For my grandfather, health promotion means adopting behaviors that increase his mental and physical well-being; however, health promotion includes far more than just diets and lifestyle.

Nurses should be dedicated to maintaining current knowledge and skills while also seeking self-improvement through lifelong learning. By providing their medical knowledge to promote health in the community, nurses educate the population. Some nurses conduct health screenings at community events, and offer advice on dietary and exercise recommendations. Nurses teach patients self-care recommendations, how to spot warning signals, what to do if a problem arises, and who to contact if they have questions. Lastly, another example of knowledge that nurses educate the public of, is the necessity of hand-washing and vaccinations. Patient education is a very important component of a nurse’s job, one benefit of patient education is that it helps to prevent medical disorders including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Family education as well is important because it allows for opportunities to encourage and reinforce changes in health behavior, and family members have important roles in patient care, such as contributing to decision making, assisting healthcare team and providing care, and improving patient safety and quality of care. My vision for myself as a future nurse is that I will never stop  learning, not just from textbooks and journals, but also from interactions with other members of the healthcare team and through the involvement in the experience of patients’ and their families’ experiences. I want to learn something new every day, and put what I’ve learned to better my skills as a future nurse. 

Nursing, in my point of you, is a public service obligation to provide safe, holistic, patient centered care. Patients are individuals, not room numbers or medical issues, whom demand and deserve customized attention and care. To help satisfy the requirements of patients, nurses should utilize clinical judgment.  Except when nurses have a legal need to report, nurses should respect patient confidentiality. HIPPA is a federal law that demands the adoption of national standards to prevent sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge. As a result, maintaining patient conventional confidentiality is critical. As nurses, they should also strive to model positive, healthy behaviors in our daily  lives in the believe that if we take care of ourselves first, they  will be able to provide a greater care to others in need of their assistance. 

We all know that nursing has a field dedicated to assisting people, and I feel that in order to become a nurse, a person has more than just a desire to help others. An open, strong, determined, thoughtful, and caring nurse is essential. These qualifications will reflect on the nurse and make caring for the patient a lot easier. Passion is the most vital aspect of becoming a nurse, and you must be enthusiastic about everything you do. I choose nursing as my future profession because I believe that the urge to help people is calling, and I am drawn to aiding those in need.



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