Why Was the Bubonic Plague so Devastating to European Society. The Bubonic Plague Essay Example

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In European History the Bubonic plague (Black Death) became a common disease all across Europe mainly in the 1300 AD Era and it was a highly devastating disease among the whole continent. It wasn’t just the many deaths, it was mostly the main aftermath of the bubonic plague, the anti semitism that rose in Europe, the population was limited alot of economic opportunities were limited in Europe. There were no cures at the time nor any real treatments people would have to bloodlet to let the poisonous blood come out. A lot of people had to flee to other countries to attempt to escape this bubonic plague that was spreading around and many towns were affected making the product status in Europe very low. 

The bubonic plague was a severe  barrier in Europe, especially with how the plague devastated Europe. During the plague season and after the plague season Jews were being blamed for the bubonic plague a lot and Jews became vastly hated in European society for supposedly poisoning the wells (Doc 7) the bubonic plague stirred up hatred in European society a very harmful devastation. The bubonic plague also devastated Europe's economy in most cases mainly because of the bubonic plague hitting more of the large cities and the miniature boomtowns (Doc 1) which then the plague spread to merchants and kingdoms. Therefore a lot of trade in Europe could not happen due to the black plague. 

The economy was very weak in Europe during and after the black death but something even more problematic was the environment of Europe during and after the black plague. Many doctors had to wear face masks of vinegar just to keep the plague away from them a lot of families had to stay at home all of the windows and doors would have to stay closed no one could really go outside social interaction was lessoned in Europe by a lot if not most of the social interaction in Europe was depleted because of the bubonic plague. Most countries in Europe were absolutely not ready for the black plague at all.. Mostly because no doctors had cures (Doc 2) or truly sufficient treatments which contributed to Europe not being ready for the bubonic plague it was an absolute disaster for most people and it was a very imposing factor to why the bubonic plague devastated Europe so badly. The bubonic plague did actually mess up over one third of the population among multiple countries in Europe countries like England lost up to a million people just because of the bubonic plague. 

The bubonic plague spread like a wildfire even places like Dublin the plague became so devastating just by spreading across Europe the more people affected means the less people who can do something about it not many people could do something about it in the first place. Many people known as flageluments became obsessed with religion and believed that excessive self discipline was the way to repent for their sins. Nursery rhymes such as “Ring Around The Rosies” were created to represent the horribleness of the black death (Doc 5). The Black Death just became a bad break for Europe and it horribly devastated it.



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