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What Is EssayGoose?

EssayGoose is a place where you can find an example of paper that you need to write. It’s an old story when a student got an assignment and doesn’t have a clue what should be in there. So, they start searching for samples to get what the professor expects to see in the assignment.

On EssayGoose, you can find thousands examples of papers on various subjects. All essay samples are divided into categories and each category includes a list of subcategories. You can easily find the subject and search for the essay sample that you need. To make this process even faster, use the search field - type the topic of your paper and get the list of results within a second. 

Some topics are so popular among the students that you can find more than a couple of samples for it on our website. The variety of essay samples on the same topic will help you to choose the one that sounds better to you or fits your paper instructions better. 

Why Is EssayGoose Different?

We created EssayGoose in an old-fashioned way. Many and many years ago, to get information on the web, you had to find the necessary site, visit it, read what you need and leave. Nothing has changed today, you may say, but even for FREE access you have to pay.  

Today, it is impossible to get something for free without providing your credit card details, your email address, or phone number. If you don’t pay money, you have to share your private information. So, you still pay the price.

EssayGoose doesn’t need this. We do not require subscription, personal information, and we have no scam offers like - you get access for free, but provide your credit card details, so we could charge $20 monthly after the free trial period is over. We hate this a lot, and that’s the reason why EssayGoose has nothing of it.

The sites like this aren’t new, but what makes us different from others is the absence of false promise of free access. 

  • You don’t need to pay for subscription
  • You don’t need to provide your card details
  • You don’t even need to subscribe and share your email address with us

Why Goose?

Well, we could make up a beautiful story with a kind of metaphor where the goose symbolizes our site and the golden egg it hatches are the essays that will help you to get an A. The truth is that we didn’t put any of such meaning. When it came to choosing the name for the site, we couldn’t come up with something original and related to study. So, we picked the one that came to mind the first, and it was Goose. Goose sounds funny, it looks funny, so why it shouldn’t be Goose?

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Sep 21-09-2021

The Influence Of Religion On Australian Society

Over time religion has had both a positive and negative influence on Australian society and continues to do so. Religion has a positive influence on Australian society, shown through interfaith activi…

Category: Religion
Words: 719 Pages: 3

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Sep 20-09-2021

Education Synthesis Essay Example

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" (Nelson Mandela). Education is a skill used to dominate, a skill used to assist, and skill to rise. Calvin Coolidge vocali…

Category: Education
Words: 1131 Pages: 5

Sep 20-09-2021

Hatshepsut Essay Example

Who is the famous Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Hatshepsut? Well, Hatshepsut is one of the most well known Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt's time, she so famous because of her difference to pretty much every oth…

Words: 596 Pages: 3

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