Essay on School: Gladys Speers

Gladys Speers is a cramped community-minded public school located within the south-west end of Oakville, Ontario. Due to a tiny school population and quiet neighbourhood…

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Pages: 3
Certainty and Doubt Essay Example

August, 2017 was the beginning of my Sophomore year in high school. I was happy and I believed in myself, I was prepared for anything. Over the course of three days my w…

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Graduation Speech Example

A true friend is someone who sticks by your side through everything. Someone who waits for you in that crazy long lunch line. Someone who offers help and advice when you…

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Essay About Challenges in High School

There are many challenges that I had to face in the past few weeks as I made my transition to high school. However, the hardest challenge that I had to battle was losing…

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