What is Success to You Essay Example

College Success is defined as “achieving what you want in life and when you are happy and challenged and feel you are living life to its fullest contributing to the world.” (College Success, 2015). However, everyone has its own definition of Success based on personal experiences. I must admit that until a couple months ago I was having a distorted idea of what it was.

Since the early years, I have grown up with the notion that a career success was to gain high grades and wealth with minimal work involved. I always saw accomplishments either with the same idealization that portrayed in many American movies. However, all this idealization and wrong perception is the reality of how the life works have drawn me to many disappointments in my life, I will make reference to one single event that it changed my entire destiny and have been the stepping stone to start to take action to become the best version of myself, not with the sole purpose to attain personal gains, but also to help others. I was an Uber driver in New York and I used to spend 16 hours and 6 days the week driving with a lot of stress, anxieties and disappointments. Yes, I was making an excellent living income, but I was dead. Even though, I kept in that autopilot having hopes that maybe one day I win the lottery to finally do whatever I wanted and leave that job. 

On August 28, 2018 at 6am I was driving from New Jersey to New York, in hopes to make “good money”, I got into a major accident, losing everything I thought was the only thing that would lead me to freedom and success. As a result of that tragic event, my car was totaled, I got several injuries and, the most silent of all diseases, PTSD. I spent several months without working going for $3,000 USD dollars monthly income reduced to government assistance and with the bitterness and anguish of why this needed to happen to me. After all the roller coaster and rotator cuff surgery, one day I just started to question myself what I am supposed to do with my life and how I will accomplish it. As Pablo Picasso said, it is all about action. Well, I started to search and I encountered many people, which gave me ideas about it, but still I was not recognizing that one main ingredient in this all recipe, which is to first know myself, without letting others influence me.

In other words, to be able to learn and apply a career that makes me feel happy and fulfilled, taking into consideration that the road will not be all straight but full of bumps. Above all, this is the real meaning of college success. Therefore, how will I be able to do it? That was my biggest concern as I suffer from many non-favorable traits which makes me the perfect candidate for non-success, ranging from completely disorganized, ADHD, major procrastinator and having problems idealizing ideas, situations and people. However, I realized that exposing my flaws and emotions are not a disadvantage but to the contrary a stepping stone to start to recognize what it needs to be out to let the new in in order to get from point A to Z.

Now, what will be my course of action?  

1. Stop idealizing careers, lifestyles and situations with the help of YouTube videos and podcasts in which expose the real picture of what it means to become a neuropsychiatrist and the hard work that must be done.

2. Pushing myself to be more organized: I found a great YouTube channel that goes in detail from how to improve handwriting to how to plan everyday tasks, buying calendars, writing in planners and EEFT techniques.

3. Keep drinking my medicines as they keep me in check and stop thinking I can handle everything on my own.

4. Organize my days partitioning the homework and lectures and submitting the assignments 1 or 2 days earlier than the deadline. 

5. Reminding myself of my goals. 6. Reminding myself that without discipline and hard work it won’t happen.

And Lastly, cry and keep going, because at the end that is success all about cry, fail, keep going, reroute and try again.



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