School Uniforms: A Bad Idea Argumentative Essay

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  • Published: 12 September 2021
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Uniforms have been used for years with schools internationally believing that they are effective, they really are not. Many studies have been made on uniforms and the impact it has on students and the community. Some say that uniforms are beneficial, some do not. Many students do believe that uniforms limit many things about them. As controversy is among us, there are still strong claims relating to why uniforms serve no support. Uniforms are more detrimental than beneficial.

Creativity and self-expression are a must in school. This is how students show to others who they are and what they like, uniforms limit that. According to an article by Michelle Kouzmine, “Many students who are against school uniforms argue that they lose their self-identity when they lose their right to express themselves through fashion” (Kouzmine). This shows that students want to express themselves through the clothes they wear. Uniforms completely disregard individuality and cause students to become uncomfortable in what they are wearing. This must be taken into consideration for the students so that they feel happy and comfortable with themselves in school.

The cost of uniforms can become a problem for most parents. Parents want access to cheap, easy to get uniforms, but schools might not be able to provide that. As stated in an article by Amelia Joesphson, “Often, uniforms are only available from a limited number of suppliers and the lack of competition (and captive market) keeps prices high. Or, a uniform will include pricier items like blazers and dress shoes, which some families might struggle to afford” (Joesphson). There might be certain brands or types of clothing that can raise the price for families. For those who struggle financially, this is an issue. With no uniforms, parents and students have way more options and can buy what they can afford.

Ultimately, students should be able to wear what they want without major restrictions. Like stated, self expression is a huge reason to not enforce uniforms. Students want to wear what makes them feel comfortable and what they feel tells people about them. In addition, the expense for uniforms can be excessive. Everybody is in a different situation and some might not be able to afford these uniforms. To combat the enforcement of school uniforms we can do multiple things. Petitions are a great way to start, they are quick and easy to sign. Anybody can start a petition and anybody can sign. Another way is talking to the administration of the school or district, having people use their voice can be very effective. Some other thing we can do is post your protest on social media. Many people can see your post and join in adding hashtags, posts and other media. Uniforms should not be used and students should be able to wear what they please.


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