Should College Be Free Essay Example

The USA doesn't have free education for everyone, at least at the higher levels. From a young age you are told that education is free in the United States up until the 12th grade. Once you hit college, then that is where the costs should start hitting big. Having free education is important because this affects your parents’ wallet and will affect your wallet if you plan on having kids and wanting them to go to college to have the best possible future for them. Everybody likes free, so wouldn’t free education benefit the good for everyone?

Education shouldn’t cost the student, that is one of the biggest reasons students dropout or simply don’t attend college. There are tons of people who do not attend college at all because of the overwhelming costs. There are so many people and current students that do not have the support of their parents and have to do everything on their own so sometimes they have no choice but to drop out and work which reflects to other countries how expensive it is to get a good education. Many immigrants come to the United States for free education and a better life but with the costs for college, it increases the amount of uneducated people. 

Education is important for survival of one’s social career. Everyone wants a good paying job to keep themselves busy, feed oneself and dependants, pay the bills, and hopefully have a little extra money to enjoy life and travel. Knowledge is power in today’s knowledge economy and to survive means to get a good education. 

Education helps reduce the unemployment rate. With the more education people are receiving, they’ll have better chances of job opportunities. The more job opportunities people receive, the lower the unemployment rate goes down. A lot more people will have more jobs which opens up opportunities for others to work at other lower paying jobs which is a benefit to the homeless, the company gets labor and the worker gets money and benefits out of it. This also means the lower class with no education will get better opportunities. 

What if It Was Free

Our country would be more educated and successful. We would be able to brainstorm more ideas with more people being educated. This will benefit our country's economy by boosting the education rate and jobs provided. This will also reflect to other countries on how we are doing and making us even more powerful than we already are. 

People would be able to try new ideas and show off their talents and pursue the life they want because they wouldn't be starting off their life with debt. With more people working, the more diversity in cultures and thinking enter the workplace. With more ideas flowing through, the better the chance the company has to improve their workplace and give the best service possible to benefit themselves and others. Debt is hard to get out of, if everyone comes out of school out of debt that would be wonderful.

Free education can improve the economy by offering more job opportunities. It will lower the amount of people in the lower class category. It can also educate people that can find ways to boost the economy.

Not everyone wants to go to college, some people find other ways to be successful. Some people do not have the support of their family to go to college and be able to afford it. They choose to just work and some find really good job opportunities that require no education and make really good money doing it and working hard. 

Not every student will appreciate free education, because in high school we all had that one obnoxious kid in class who made learning very difficult since they would always interrupt class. If we were to have free education we would have those same obnoxious kids in serious learning environments, those kids who actually care about their education wouldn't be able to take notes and learn.

Students may not learn to become as financially literate or independent as they should be, choosing instead to stay dependent on government programs whenever possible. As I said before education is the key to survival. If kids don't learn how to be financially stable in college then how are they going to learn when it's actually time to pay bills.


If a lot more people are able to earn college degrees, then the value of those degrees could decrease. And that could lead to a rising number of workers who are underemployed based on their qualifications.

Where is the money going to come from? Is the big question everyone is asking. Free college wouldn't be free. The money has to come from somewhere, the answer is short and simple, taxes. 

There are many benefits to educating people and offering them a better life. It improves their life and the economy and is just better all around for everyone. Everything is not free and some choose to follow other paths of not going to college and some find success in that. Others find the determination to push through and better their lives for themselves and their children in the future.



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