Purpose of Education Essay Example

Fifty years ago, college was only for the rich; ten-twenty years ago, post-secondary education was universally known as the best option. Now, with substantially increased tuition costs and inflation, college now is shown as a counterproductive investment for all people. Over and over again, parents, family, and friends all villainize the debt that follows universities, leading many soon-to-be high school graduates to evade continuous education at all costs. However, education after high school, usually a degree of two+ years (especially a college degree), is worth it for most people, because of the increased job opportunities available; the increased amount of money college graduates get, as well as the less chance of not being employed and living a more comfortable life.

How It Is

College graduates can find significantly more jobs regardless of what major they choose to do or where they decide to go. Nevertheless, there are some majors leading to jobs that pay significantly higher; these jobs do require commitment but that is a given. According to an article from Springboard, non-college graduates have low opportunities for well-paying jobs, “...while those with a doctoral degree had the lowest rate (2.2 percent),” (66). This shows that a person who decides to get an advanced degree like a doctorate are the people who always have a better chance to be successfully hired.

The further you go in education, the better chance you have of getting your dream job. Even getting some college or a two year degree is not always enough. Imagine spending two years and hefty money to come out not finding a good job. The only job you could find would pay less than that of your friends who continued college. Imagine spending all that time, money and effort to not find anything.  Essentially, almost all  high tier jobs require a four year degree or higher (such as a doctor, lawyer, or software engineer.); these are the ones that pay well, and in today’s society can actually support a household. 

College grads earn significantly more money than those who decide not to go, and the amount of the money that they can get is easily enough for them to pay for debt and live a luxurious life. The median weekly earning for professional degrees in 213 is 1,714 dollars, while the weekly earning for those with a high school degree is 651 dollars ( Springboard, 67). With inflation at record levels, the middle class is failing, with a median wage not even close enough to support it. 

Employment rates for those who took the time to study longer and paid for more tuition should be very high to give those who tried to go above and beyond. Usually that is exactly what happens. Many people who chose a major that they enjoy and is right for them, will live in expensive houses while those who don’t; it will be harder for them. People could point to Bill Gates for example as a college dropout. You must understand that these billionaires were extremely lucky and smart. In order to give everyone a chance, we should show students a path that helps them immensely, but let the students make a choice with their knowledge. Another issue is that while people have a choice in our countries, to try hard but in some places, that is not possible. I am Malala, a novel by Malala Yousfazi, is a perfect example of this. Education finally gives kids something to smile about. “To see each and every human being with a smile of happiness on their faces,”( 313). People have walked in countries with new education; they say that almost nothing warms the heart than a child with a pencil.

The Correct Choice

Some people may argue that a four year degree is not worth it, that the debt one receives after is too crippling to one's life, and many other things. “So parents who can afford it are paying grotesque sums to give their kid an edge,” ( Springboard 84). A lot of these things are true, but all can be refuted except for one: bribery is an issue. Some say that debt is too much, which can be true, if someone does not pick a good major. Good majors pay a lot, but are hard to get into. People need to study from the beginning, something some teens can not seem to understand. This is what the evidence shows to be the best path for most. Schools have to look at the masses, and the masses would benefit from college. Some people are perfectly happy doing what they love. They could live in an apartment and be a street painter. There are many paths to having a good life. “Good” is subjective but the majority would benefit from college or a similar education.

People need to know that a four year college is the correct choice, for almost all people. One can always decide to go further. When a student knows what they are doing, they could possibly be a billionaire, or at the very least live comfortably. It is the best way, and the people who argue against it might have been told differently. Maybe they know a different path to success. That is totally fine. However, those people should understand that most success comes for knowledge, and it can provide an indisputable path to a career. Everyone, in my opinion, should get some form (or consider it) of college education. The arguments for not continuing are admirable but ultimately flawed because of how they argue that a person would be better off without a degree, ignoring the fact that education becomes required for most people. Knowledge is power. The iconic phrase, usually attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, shows that power in this world doesn't have to come in physical might. In a world full of more dangers, that power, could be a key to the vault to combat those dangers and live in peace.



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