Learning Public Speaking Essay Example

Have you ever heard of toastmasters?  No it’s not a class to become a master toast. Maker! Toastmasters is actually a class to improve you’re public speaking, build leadership skills, build confidence and self-awareness. Which is exactly why I was enrolled intoIn middle school.

My family and I were first introduced to toastmasters with my sister Briana. She started Toastmasters a few years before me, and when my parents saw improvements in her

Public speaking they decided to enroll me. At first I was a little bit confused as to what the class was. I really didn’t know why I needed it or how it would benefit me in the future. On the day of the first meeting I was really nervous. I thought I was going to have to give a speech right

 Away! I was thinking what if people judge me for not being as experienced as they are? What if no one likes me? When I finally arrived at the meeting I noticed the building was actually an old church. It was Kind of creepy and smelled musty. When I walked into the room that everyone else was in I introduced myself to everyone. (Most likely in an awkward way.) And took a seat. The president of the group started to explain what we were going to do during the duration of the class. That’s when I finally understood that everyone there was learning just like I was! As soon as I thought I was off the hook for a speech, I was chosen to write one for the next class.

The whole week leading up to the speech I was stressing out, because I didn’t know what I would write a speech on, I had never written a speech before! I asked my mom if she had any ideas that I could write about. And she said “Why don’t you do something about Christmas” that was the Perfect idea! Christmas was just around the corner, and it’s my personal favorite holiday! When I asked my mom she was actually baking some Christmas cookies. That’s when I had the perfect idea! I said ‘I’ll write my speech on the New Mexico state cookie, the Biscochito!”

The next few days I started writing my speech. First I started getting information About the cookie, then I started drafting it. Hours later my speech was ready to present!

Two days after that, it was finally the day of my speech! I was still very nervous. I was relieved when the president told me my speech was last. I watched all the others give their speech, just so I could get an idea of what to do. When it was my turn I felt a little more confident in presenting it. When I was finished everyone actually enjoyed it.

That day I felt more confident about writing and presenting speeches. Sometime after that I was assigned my second speech. This time it was much easier for me to get an idea of something to write about. I decided to write it on my favorite ride at Disneyland, It’s a Small World. Which was a really easy thing for me to write about since I’m a crazy Disney fan! It didn’t take long to write this speech as it did for my first one. 

As time went on I started seeing more and more improvements in my writing and speaking. When I had a speech I was more confident about what I had put together and how I was going to present it. I now realize why toastmasters were so important and the impact it had in my life. I went from being really shy and knowing very little about public speaking, to writing and presenting full speeches. I think toastmasters can help lots of people improve their writing and speaking skills, like it did for me. 



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