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Martin Luther King School has several teachers, each one amazing in their own way. But this year, I, as a student of MLK, would like to nominate Mr. Edwin Salcedo for MLK teacher of the year. He has proved to me, in so many ways over my two – year period at MLK to be a fully dedicated and commited teacher. I feel that he would be an ideal nominee for teacher of the year. He runs his classes in a fun and interactive way. Outside of his daily classes, he runs afterschool clubs – minimum two clubs a year. For these reasons, I believe that Mr. Salcedo truly deserves the honor of teacher of the year.

Each time I go to technology class, Mr. Salcedo greets us with a smile and begins to joke around with us. When we begin the class, he instructs us clearly and precisely on what to do and how to do it. Often, he will demonstrate how to create a text box, for example, and we, on our own computers will follow the same steps as him. When the time comes to independently work, Mr. Salcedo is always darting here and there, assisting students. He occasionally instructs a student to mentor one of their peers. Mr. Salcedo will also go to extreme lengths to make sure that his students are able to comprehend and apply the skills he teaches them in their lifetime.

For instance, he made several videos demonstrating how to use Scratch, (a block coding website) Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple’s Keynote, and more. Mr. Salcedo uses these to help his students with their projects. He is very open to helping students out during their recess time, and helps them do their best at all times. Mr. Salcedo also makes sure to reinforce topics like Internet safety, cyberbullying, and social media. He makes us students watch Brain Pop videos that teach us these. He usually has a discussion afterward, or during the next class. As for homework, we have weekly typing homework, due one day before our assigned tech class. Every week, Mr. Salcedo manually grades all of the typing homework of the 500+ students in the school. Mr. Salcedo is truly ready to do anything for his students. He truly teaches them to the best of his ability. 

Regular class is not the only area which Mr. Salcedo conducts. He also runs several after – school clubs. In this school year of 2018 – 2019, I believe he runs three different clubs – Green Screen Club for 5th graders, and two levels of Tech Club, 4th grade and 5th grade. I have been through 4th grade tech club and 5th grade. And I thought it was a FINOMINAL experience. During Tech Club (which is the same for both 4th and 5th graders) Mr. Salcedo introduced a new topic every week. He would then give us time to explore old topics or try out the new one. At the end of the year, for our big Tech Night presentation, Mr. Salcedo was the one who helped us create posters. Mr. Salcedo was the one who taped the posters together. Mr. Salcedo was the one who assisted us in creating our PowerPoints. Mr. Salcedo was the one who helped everyone with everything. In Green Screen club, he helped us get organized with a to – do list and helped us think of ideas. He was to one that kept the club going, directing this person, approving this idea. Mr. Salcedo manages this huge amount of work magnificently, making him my chosen nominee for teacher of the year. 

Mr. Salcedo is a truly inspirational teacher. He handles classes in easy – to – follow and engaging ways . On top of that, he runs several after school clubs, which are a truly great experience to their participants. And if you ask any teacher, they’ll tell you how hard it is to teach a subject to class after class, for about 6 hours. Mr. Salcedo somehow manages to help with everything at once, get projects done while joking around, make learning fun, and run three after school clubs, and still come back every day to school with another smile, ready for another day. And that’s the magic of Mr. Edwin Salcedo.



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