Essay on Students Rights: Should they Carry Backpacks?

I believe that students should be able to carry backpacks to and from class. Not only would it benefit students, but it would benefit teachers as well.

In my opinion, the ability to carry backpacks to and from class would be safer. Now that the 8th graders have computers, they would be less likely to drop them if they were being carried around in backpacks. There would also be fewer students dropping their things on their way to class, and consequently, there would be fewer students that trip over said dropped items.

Being able to carry backpacks in school would also help students learn. With the allowance of backpacks, students wouldn’t have to make quite as many locker trips, and they would be tardy less. This also benefits teachers and allows them to begin class on time without the burden of tardy students. With fewer tardies, students would also get fewer write-ups. A lot more students would have no write-ups at the end of the quarter if we allowed backpacks.

Children and adolescents who carry backpacks aren’t at higher risk of developing back pain, according to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM). Students that carry around backpacks also have less to carry in their hands, which would most likely please them. It makes it easier for students to be able to get to class and get their things out with ease. No more loud sounds of velcro being pulled back, no more snapping of binders. Students with backpacks will be able to just reach in and pull out whatever it is that they’re looking for.

Now, you may be thinking that students will be able to carry around more dangerous things in their backpacks. This statement, however, is false. Binders are not any safer than backpacks. Students are just as able to bring dangerous objects in their binders as they are in their backpacks. Even if someone brought something in their backpack and it was left in their locker, why would that be safer? People could still get hurt, and there isn’t much that will change if backpacks were allowed in class. If people wanted to use weapons in school, they could easily sneak them in their lunch box.

In conclusion, I believe that students and teachers alike would benefit from the usage of backpacks for various reasons. Thank you for reading this essay.



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