St. Monica’s Academy Entrance: High School Entrance Essay Example

St. Monica’s Academy Entrance: High School Entrance Essay Example
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📌Published: 05 August 2020

St. Monica’s Academy is a school that has been mentioned time and time again throughout multiple school years. I first heard of this school in the 6th grade when the classical education was implemented at St. Therese Carmelite school. I had never heard of this school and quite frankly skimmed over it as my goal was to be accepted into Ramona Convent. Not only did I make friends who planned on attending St. Monica’s, but my perspective on everything changed.

I began to realize how people who attended or even had family within this school acted. Someone who greatly impacted me on my thoughts about classical education was my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Goodwin. 6th grade being the first year experimenting with this method of education brought nerves on everyone in the class, but I can remember her making learning fun and reaffirming the things we were being taught at home. While parents teach us mostly everything, I believe there are things that can’t be taught by them, and those lessons were taught to both me and my peers by her. 

She Reaffirmed what my parents had said on the faith and somehow restructured my way of thinking upon this subject. She changed the immaturity level that was held within each and everyone of us and taught us that class and modesty was the way to leave a memorable impression on someone. Before meeting my 6th grade teacher my mentality on everything was shattered and looking back on it I feel like it was flipped upside down and with work on myself I was able to fix it. While both my parent’s work and teacher’s work on me is one im forever grateful for I can say it’s one I took for granted. Knowing St. Therese adapted classical education from St. Monica’s brings me peace and allows me to feel comfort in thinking about attending this school, because of how well St. Therese treated me over the years. 

Thinking about the education I received from 5th through 8th grade at St. Therese changed my thoughts on how I viewed the school I attended my 9th grade year. Not only did I see the lack of faith this “catholic” school had, but I saw and felt how this school began to change me in a way which made  me lose the understanding, confidence, and certainty on the things I had learned but most importantly on my faith. 

I felt the pressure that was being placed on me to change the way I thought and to leave my traditional roots behind and move forward as most of society has done these days. Im saddened to say peers I’ve known for years have decided to follow the path most of our society has taken and leave the catholic church and its traditions behind. I am firm believer that without the foundation of faith my parents, teachers, school and parish lied out for me I would be in the same place that some of my acquaintances are in.

For these reasons I want to attend St. Monica’s, because I know multiple adults and students that speak fondly of this school and embrace it as they do with St. Therese. I want to be able to defend my points of view on my faith, as well as any subject matter, and I know that by attending St. Monica’s I will be able to fortify the foundation that has been laid out for me. If accepted I will place God first and make the points, I defend in his favor rather than in mine. I know that this past year God didn’t let me go once, and the proof in that statement is that I'm still willing to stand up for what I believe in, even though it may be the minority in today’s society.


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