Problems College Students Face Essay Example

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  • Published: 05 July 2020
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Students all over the world are wasting thousands of dollars each year on college textbooks. The textbook expenses are making it difficult for students to make their dream become reality. The cost of college textbooks should be lowered to allow students to take more classes and to help increase student’s academic grades.  

College textbooks expenses are stopping students on choosing which classes or how many classes they should take. In the article “Cost of College Textbooks Out of Control,” by Herb Weisbaum he explains, “On a survey of more than 2,000 students from more than 150 different campuses across the country nearly half said the cost of books had an impact on how many or which classes they took.” With textbooks expenses being so high, a student needs to decide on how many classes they can afford. Sometimes students are even limiting the number of classes they can take due to the financial cost. With lowering the textbooks cost this will allow college students to be able to take all the classes they want and need.  

When college textbooks cost decreases, student’s academic grades will increase. In the article, “The High Cost of College Textbooks,” by Gaby Del Valle explains, “Students are knowingly accepting the risk of a lower grade to avoid paying for the textbook.” Students rather take the risk of earning a bad grade just to avoid buying a textbook. Any students would want to earn a good grade but, when the textbook is expensive and there is no money, they rather take that risk. Once the textbook expenses are lowered, students will not have to worry about their grades being affected. This will cause student’s grade point averages to increase and will also help the school’s reputation.  

The cost of a college textbook is part of what the “college life” is. In the article written by Bill Conerly, “Overpriced College Textbooks Attacked,” he explains, “Textbooks costs should be part of that challenge.” On the contrary, some people do not agree that the cost of a textbook should decrease. They say that the high expenses on textbooks is part of attending college.  

The cost of any college textbooks is over the roof. College students are attending school to later give up to their community. Students should not have to worry about which or how many classes they should be taking because of the textbook costs. With lower textbook prices, the students will be able to use any textbook they need to pass their classes.



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