Essay Sample about Successful Writing

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  • Published: 05 September 2021
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My high school English teacher once defined an effective essay as “A paper that is as long as a horse’s leg; It needs to reach the ground.” Good writing need not be a certain length, nor contain excessive verbiage. Writing exists as a means to clearly communicate in a way that the intended audience can understand. Unlike creative narrative which seeks to entertain or to illuminate, in expository writing, style and content are equally important as a means to inform. This necessitates that the material presented is accurate and offers the necessary detail to meet its objective without unnecessary flourish. 

I have observed that one of the prerequisites to successful writing is the love of reading. My tendency to read everything that I can get my hands on has served me well. I have an extensive vocabulary and a love of information that permeates my own efforts, providing variety and stimulating curiosity. Ernest Hemingway's sparse prose was a major influence on my writing style. His sentences were brief and devoid of pretensions, yet they accurately developed and conveyed his ideas completely. I strive to present the information necessary to explain my point without overwhelming the reader with jargon. My love of brevity may undermine me at times, as my writing can be overly simplistic, but I find this beautiful. Why use a comma if it is unnecessary? Why struggle with dependent clauses when each sentence can stand alone? Harmony requires balance however, necessitating a nuanced approach. I believe that I can perfect my writing by continuing to read and to write with a critical eye. I look forward to the opportunity.


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