Why I Want to Apply For the Exchange Program Essay Example

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  • Published: 11 May 2021
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I am Foo Jia Wen, a student from Interaction Design Department at Taipei Tech University. I want to apply for the exchange program to study abroad in semester 108-1.

I am an adventurous person, and I am always thinking to get myself out of comfort zone. That was the reason I chose to study in Taiwan instead of my hometown Malaysia. After studying for 2 years in Taiwan, I felt like getting used to the environment here, and I missed those challenging parts of life. So I am now seeking for some new challenges. Dealing with the unfamiliar environment may be suffering, but it cultivates growth in mental strength.

Taiwan is familiar with my hometown in many aspects such as culture, language, and food. Through books and the Internet, I learn that Westerners can be quite different from us. This exchange program is a precious opportunity for me to explore and embrace the diversity of the world. I will try to engage in the classes and collaborate with the local students there for our assignments. By teaming up with them, I can train my social skill to work with people regardless of our differences in perspectives and values. 

Although we have English classes every week, still for practicing purpose we are undeniably lacking English-speaking occasions here. I am afraid that I will not be capable to speak English well after staying for long. This exchange program to English-speaking country offers oral skill practice environment. This will not only improve my fluency in English but most importantly, the confidence to communicate with those native English speakers.

Furthermore, the USA is a country where cool innovations take places and where creative people all around the world gather. By getting there, I believe that I will obtain deeper insight and more inspirations which are crucial in interaction design major. During the exchange program, I am going to participate in the workshops and go to the talks. I will make some videos or write some articles about those inspired me and perhaps, put them on the Internet. I have long desired to visit, discover and share.

I also planned to further my study in Western countries after graduation, and the USA is currently my top option. So I hope that the experience and information from this exchange program can help me to make my final decision. I am looking forward to this study exchange, and I know it will be a fulfillment in my university life.



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