Personal Narrative Essay: My First Day at College

Personal Narrative Essay: My First Day at College
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📌Published: 01 September 2021

Two year ago, I passed my Jamb examination with good grades. I was admitted to study Library and information science at Nassarrawa State College of Education, Our claases were to start on 21st October.

I put on new clothes and went to college early in the morning. Some senior students were already there. They made us stand in a line and march. They ordered us to sing songs and dance and it was beautiful. They passed ridiculous remarks on us. We were also given numbers and mine was number 83.

Then, I went to the notice board to note the timetable. Our first period was that of English. It was to be held in room number ten. I requested a senior student to direct me. She escorted me to a room. A small group of girls followed her. The next moment, She pushed me into a room. There was loud laughter. It was a boys’ room. So I rushed out and began to fight her. A man tried to separate us. I almost slapped her face. All the girls dispersed in no time. I was arrested and taken to the office of the Principal. I was charged with being rude. That man was also sitting there. Actually, he was not a student. He was a visitor. I felt ashamed of my mistake because of my temper issues. I apologized to him. He forgave me.

When I reached the classroom. the professor was taking the roll call. Different girls were answering the roll call in different funny manners. Some were saying “Yes please”. Some were answering “Ok sir”. Some others were saying “Am here sir”. The professor did not mind it. First, he introduced himself to us. Then he guided us about college life and discipline. All the periods passed in this way.

On our way returning home, the senior caught us again. They threw liquid of different colors on us. They tore our clothes, snatched our notebooks, and even slapped our faces. We tolerated all this because we knew,

“Every dark cloud has a silver lining”.

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