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There are many challenges that I had to face in the past few weeks as I made my transition to high school. However, the hardest challenge that I had to battle was losing several of my closest friends when they left for Green Level. As a very introverted person, it was very difficult to befriend my middle school peers, but I still lost several of them in the short span of a few weeks. Due to this change, I was quite withdrawn in the first few days; because, it was no longer possible for me to turn around and laugh with my best friend, again. Loneliness and gloom settled over me in the first few days of high school because I truly believed that I would end up without trustworthy friends over the next four years of high school. Nevertheless, my situation brightened by the end of the first week as I started to find new solutions to this grave problem.

My struggle to find loving friends started to cease by the end of the first week at Green Hope High School. Slowly, I acquainted myself with the friendly atmosphere at Green Hope and met wonderful people who taught me so many different things. Moreover, with my small group of best friends gone, I spent more time with my other middle school peers who I distanced myself from in the past few days. After I accepted that it’s inevitable that my friends would change, I made healthier friendships and I became a better person for my remaining friends. In the end, all the downheartedness didn’t go to waste as I broke the barrier of fear that never allowed me to meet new people and learn new things.

In conclusion, there’s no doubt that saying goodbye to some of my old friends was difficult, however this transition took me out of my comfort zone and made me a more confident person. I have learned to communicate my ideas much more easily and, now, I am willing to teach and learn from others with an open mind. Despite all the changes in my attitude, I am still an introverted and shy person which I hope to alter with Key Club. From the interest meeting and the Key club website, I have learned that this Club provides its members with an opportunity to meet new people and explore new places which can make me more social and benefit me a lot.

My Reasons to Join Key Club

Key club is a very beneficial club; hence, I have many reasons to join it, however the main reason I want to be a Key Club member is that I am fascinated by the diversity of activities this club provides as I truly want to help a variety of people. From the website, I have noticed that the events that a member can participate in is truly diverse, as one day a person might be helping the student council while the next day the same member may be able to participate in an outing. I am aware that there will be times where I have to help others with my time, and there will also be events where I would be able to affect my community with financial help. The variety of ways I can influence someone’s life and provide help is truly one of my strongest motivations for joining Key Club.

Apart from affecting a diverse population, I also wish to challenge myself in new ways. The Key Club events can be extremely fun; however, they may require a lot of time and effort, and I want to learn how to balance my time and energy between the activities from this club. Procrastination may not be a habit for me, but I still want to perfect my time-management skills so that I will be able to serve my community much more efficiently. Other than time-management skills, I also want to improve my social skills through Key Club. I am an extremely introverted person, and I hope to eliminate my shyness by befriending reliable Key Club members in different events. Moreover, I understand that several volunteering events will require me to interact with various types of people, and by helping them, I aspire to be a more confident person.

The final reason I applied to Key Club is my goal to become a part of the Newsletter Committee. When I attended the interest meeting, the opportunity to become a part of such a creative writing committee greatly attracted me towards Key Club. My love for writing interesting nonfiction pieces has grown over the last few years, due to which I believe that I would enjoy writing texts about Key Club volunteering events. Moreover, I have a lot of information about online writing applications, and I really hope to use my skills by joining Key Club along with the Newsletter committee. 

There are several other reasons that I can mention to explain my wish to join Key Club, however these reasons are my strongest motivation to become a member of this service club. In conclusion, I desire to be a part of Key Club so that I can influence people from several different places and improve my communication and writing skills.

My Greatest Strength and Weakness

Important strengths that an individual can use to help Key Club are very important and I believe that I have several important qualities that can truly benefit Key Club. My main strength is my willingness to work hard for my goal and be persistent while chasing it. This quality has been very beneficial for me in school because, even when I am exhausted, I am sure to fulfill my responsibilities such as studying. Apart from my school, this quality has also helped me in other volunteering events; because, there were times when I wished to return home, however I stayed through my whole event and completed it.

This quality can be extremely beneficial for me as a Key Club member because it will allow me to attend every single event that I sign up for and complete more than the required amount of hours. Another one of my strengths is the amount of experience that I have after volunteering for approximately one hundred hours through different organizations. I can definitely use my experience to connect Key Club to places that may really appreciate help from young high school students who are willing to help their community. I believe that I truly have ideas about more volunteering events that I can present to the Key Club committee in order to benefit all its members. My final strength would be my writing skills that I can contribute in order to benefit the Newsletter committee, which is a very important committee in Key Club. Combined with my strong work ethic, my writing skills can prove to be very beneficial for this committee and the whole Key Club

Definitely I have a lot of strengths that can prove to be beneficial for Key Club, however I also have some weaknesses that I hope to improve with support from Key Club. My biggest weakness is definitely my shyness and diffidence. Oftentimes, I am unable to communicate my ideas to others because I tend to become anxious when talking to people I am not acquainted with. I have surely lost a lot of great opportunities due to my timidness and I really hope to become more confident by participating in different activities from Key Club. Another one of my weaknesses would be my habit of participating in more activities than I can dedicate my time towards. I have the wish to participate in a lot of different activities due to which sometimes it’s hard for me to prioritize the main things that need to be done. This is another weakness that Key Club can help me improve on because, during the year, I would need to balance my academics while also trying to reach my goal of completing over 50 hours in one year. These are the two main weaknesses that I have, and I hope to be able to work on them as a Key Club member.

Past Service Events That I Participated In

In my past, I have volunteered independently in places such as Dorcas Ministry and through organizations such as Teen Leadership Corps(TLC) and Cary Teen Council(CTC). Through these places I have accumulated over one hundred volunteer hours and a lot of experience. 

In the beginning, I used to be a TLC member in the library where I have completed two sessions so far, each accumulating about twenty hours. The first session was for ‘Learning at the library’ during which I had to work with one kid every twenty minutes, and complete some academic activities with that child. It was a very fun experience and it definitely taught me a lot of patience. Next session I participated in ‘Program Assistance’, a program in which I had to ensure that events for little children ran smoothly. In this program, I was responsible for the distribution of all the materials and the event arrangements, so I was able to learn valuable multi-tasking skills. Through both these events, I have learned a lot and I definitely think that I would be able to use all these lessons for the benefit of Key Club.

After volunteering for a few months at TLC, I realized my interest in volunteering, hence I decided to start helping out at Dorcas Ministry. This thrift shop works for the benefit of the unfortunate population and is very involved within the community. The shop’s generosity fascinated me, and I was able to learn a lot about good morals and, even, business from there. I met several knowledgeable people and worked with different age groups in the Ministry where everybody taught me something new. In total, I have gained over twenty hours of experience from this place and I can definitely use it to positively influence Key Club.

The final organization that I volunteered for is Cary Teen Council, a popular volunteering organization for teens. I joined this council last summer, and I have volunteered for 43.75 hours through this organization. Overall, I have affected people in over ten different places with my time and effort. Some of these events required a lot more energy than others but, for me, they were the most memorable of all. Moreover, places such as the Lake Crabtree Boathouse, StoneRidge Senior Living and Cary Tennis Park Tournament Ticketing have allowed me to work for the young and the old, the unfortunate and the famous, and I am truly grateful for the great time I enjoyed at these places. This organization motivated me a lot to apply for Key Club because, now, I truly understand the importance of volunteering in different, unique places.

These are all the places that I have volunteered at and I truly hope that I would be able to influence Key Club in the same way I have affected these places.



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