Importance of Mentorship Essay Example From Founding Rivals

Importance of Mentorship Essay Example From Founding Rivals
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Throughout the text, there are numerous examples that show the importance of mentorship. Mentorship is an important aspect of life, whether being a mentor or a mentee. Giving quality mentorship can provide important skills, information and knowledge, and encouragement to a mentee. Being a mentor can also increase one’s morale, and they can even learn from their mentees. Part of being an effective and successful mentor, include being a good influence, being supportive and giving quality guidance. These aspects are just some traits that a good mentor should have, as mentees usually emulate the qualities or characteristics of their mentors.

In the first chapter of the book, Monroe describes his parents as good mentors, explaining that he remembers his father as “a very worthy and respectable citizen of good landed and other property” and described his mother as “a very amiable and respectable woman, possessing the best domestic qualities, a good wife, and good parent.” Being a mentor as a parent is an important role, as they are someone who provides support and guidance to their children, and mentees will usually follow in the traits of their parents.

James Monroe admired many people throughout his life, one of them being George Washington. Since he had lost his father at an early age, hero worship was a common aspect of his life. He described the general as “an example to the world for talents as a military commander for integrity, fortitude, and firmness under the severest trials, for respect to the civil authority and devotion to the rights and liberties of his country...and his countenance and manner made an impression on me which time can never efface… a deportment so firm, so dignified, so exalted, but yet so modest and composed, I have never seen in any other person.” Some important roles of being a mentor include, but are not limited to, being a trusted and supportive guide, and even being influential. The author also explains that Monroe always tried to emulate the qualities of people who were highly respected and accomplished.

Another instance of the text that shows the importance of mentorship, can be seen with the relationship between Monroe and Jefferson. In chapter three, Chris DeRose talks about how Monroe, who was “always in search of a mentor,” had found Jefferson someone worthy of his admiration. Monroe talks about Jefferson’s influence on him and also states “ Your kindness and attention to me in this and a variety of other instances has really put me under such obligations to you that I fear I shall hardly ever have it in my power to repay them… whatever I may be in the future has greatly [arisen] from your friendship. My plan of life is now fixed, and has a certain object for its view.” Part of being a mentor involves being available to help or advise someone when needed, while explaining information in an understandable way to them. A key role in being a mentor is also the act of kindness, as this quote has explained.

The book talks about one of Madison’s most important ideas, the guarantee of freedom of religion. Madison talks about some of his important, influential religious leaders, George Eve and John Leland. During James Madison’s speech after he had won the election, he praised the religious leaders for their support to help secure the amendment, and if not for them, the author states that “he would certainly have been defeated by Monroe. A quality and successful mentor, will have a lot of influence and power on their mentee. 

There were many instances throughout the book that relates to the importance of mentorship, mainly referring to Monroe and Madison’s life. Monroe had many mentors throughout his life, such as his parents, Jefferson and Washington. It can be seen from this text, about the many traits of a successful mentor. Some of these traits include being supportive to their mentee, giving guidance, and having a positive influence, which all factor into the importance of mentorship.


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