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  • Published: 23 June 2021
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According to John Gotta Article In an ‘’objection to school’ John Gatto, believes that a long stay in the America schooling system has provided him with reason to call it a childish plan. According to him, education does not mean education, but rather thinks as the day to day work of a parenting factory to ensure that the child really does not grow.  It is to provide a test function for young people. John Gatto first explained that he had taught at the best and worst schools in Manhattan for 30 years. He claims to have the boring direct experience of hard to find students and teachers.  

John Taylor Gatto, clarify another point by saying that, both the students and teachers are suffering from boredom. He said most students think that the work is stupid and they already know how to do it. John Gatto then compares the schooling system with grief. ‘’Do we really need school?’’ he explains that every time he asks students in class why they are bored in school, the student felt that their teachers did not seem to know much about their subject. The author Gatto shares his experience as a student and a school teacher, saying that his grandmother is a bad idea until he tells him to bellow until he teaches him when he is young. Just because you’ve been bored, you can not count the other people to make you interesting. Another point John Gatto spotted out was that, he said school is not the only means one can become successful in life,  and supported his point by enumerating a significate number of successful American’s who did not go through the schooling system but turn out to be more successful and more productive, such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin. 

In ‘’Against school,’’ John Taylor Gatto believes that one of the major problems of the current education is system is boredom. According to him, boredom is destroying education in modern society.  And I really agree with him because both student and teachers are really bored in the education system. school can be very stressful sometimes.  From my personal experience sometimes when am sick, I normally try my possible best just to be in school because I don’t want to fail or miss any of my classes, which I think is very depressing.

I did not disagree immediately with his views on childhood. Immediately attacking those who did not grow fast was the idea that I was embarrassed. I could not imagine that somebody could stimulate entry into an advanced education system for the simple reason that teenagers would grow faster. Children develop at different times. It makes them unprepared for the task. When they are young, they will not be successful in the lesson. He does not really study the students, but they can memorize methods that can be applied to specific problems. 

Because they are not developed fast. I think every student has the position to learn He insists that the school is not a place for children to learn, grow and prosper. Instead, he believes the school is aiming to oppress the children, they lose their human, limit their growth and become adults.  Is the school necessary? I think school is necessary, but not in the way that it is required today. I agree with Gatto when he says that schools should “encourage the best qualities of youthfulness…introduce kids to truly competent adults, and by giving each student what autonomy he or she needs in order to take a risk every now and then”. School shouldn’t be a bunch of lessons thrown at kids seven hours a day, five days a week for nine months of the year. That’s not learning; instead, students are being taught to regurgitate the information requested of them when test day arrives, then forget it the next day. It means nothing to them. 

John Gatto also talks about some successful people who did not go to school but turn out to be very productive in society. example. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin.  Yes, I do agree with him, but he fails to introduce some successful people who went to school, and they are doing very well now. Such as Barack Obama and many more.      In conclusion, I believe the school has its own ups and downs but is very good to get an education, because school helps us in many ways not only getting a good job, but it prepares us for the future.



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