Relationships in High School Essay Example

According to Brandon Gaille Marketing, only 2% of people end up marrying their significant other after a high school relationship. As most teenagers are immature and inexperienced, most high school romances result in breakups. Relationships in high school are unlikely to last more than a few years. Is it worth the work and time to pursue high school relationships when they are virtually always doomed to fail? Relationships can start as friendship and evolve into a caring relationship, based on personal experience. During my relationship, I created numerous new memories and had the opportunity to do new things, such as astronomy. From previous relationships, I learned that they can be used as a learning tool to help with growth, as evidenced by learning to put personal needs first, building communication skills and becoming more independent. 

To begin, learning to prioritise your own needs is an essential lesson. When both partners are unhappy with the situation, it may be necessary to end the relationship. At the end of the relationship, my previous significant other said “I’m doing this for the both of us because neither of us are happy anymore”. The end of the relationship was a painful experience. There were often fights and disagreements.  I was too attached to the relationship to be mature enough to put my needs first. We both had awful mental health, as I was frequently sad and he was always anxious. This experience taught me the importance of placing your own needs over those of others when they are causing you distress. We are continuing to stay friends and recognize we are both happier with the current situation. This experience taught me vital life lessons that enabled me to grow as a person and become someone who will take better care of themselves.  As a result, high school relationships are not a waste of time and effort as they teach teens to put their needs first.

Subsequently, you can develop your communication skills by experiencing a high school relationship. In a relationship, it's critical to express your desires and feelings. During our relationship, I expressed my dissatisfaction with his lack of affection for me. He said “ you never told me you wanted me to do that, you can’t expect me to know”. I realised I was expecting him to act a certain way without communicating my demands. I understood after hearing what he said that he was correct, and that I had not communicated to him what I sought in a relationship. Due to how I treated him, I anticipated him to behave the same as I did. Being affectionate is something that occurs to me naturally, but his personality is more independent as being affectionate does not come naturally to him. I learned not to expect people to behave in a particular way unless it is specifically requested. Both of us would have saved countless arguments if I had voiced my needs. Communication is a fundamental life skill that can be developed from high school relationships. Consequently, relationships in high school are not a mistake and can be exploited as a learning opportunity. 

Finally, my relationship in high school taught me to be independent. People become a part of your everyday routine as you become closer to them. They will eventually be able to manipulate your feelings. As I rely on him for happiness, my mood would quickly deteriorate if we had a poor day. These confrontations left me in tears and stress because I had been overthinking the possibility that he may leave. Following the breakup, I focused on being more self-assured and satisfied with myself. I began to practice more self-care and pursue new interests, including cooking and exercising. I learned that you should not depend your happiness on one person, and that being more self-reliant encourages you to focus on other important matters such as school and family. After the breakup, I was able to grow through having greater self-love as a result of becoming independent. Therefore, high school relationships are beneficial since they can assist students in becoming more independent.

Thus, high school relationships can be used as a learning tool for character development. High school relationships can teach teenagers to emphasize their own needs first, strengthen communication skills and evolve into more independent individuals. Everyone's perspective on relationships may vary based on their own personal experiences, but do you suppose a high school romance will not teach you anything?


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