What is College Life Essay Example

Getting into college is not an easy task; however, if you work hard enough you can make it into college. Getting suspended in high school can end your plans to get into college. To get in; the application readers will check your record inside and outside of high school, and they will check your GPA, because they want to know how much you will contribute to the college; nevertheless, they will punish you greatly if you do something wrong.

Firstly, if you have a record inside of high school; such as a suspension and especially an expulsion, you will have a greatly lowered chance of getting into college. Lessa Scherrer, an Independent College Admissions Advisor wrote on quora.com “Yes, colleges absolutely look at suspensions on your high school record. There is a specific question on the Common Application asking if you have ever been suspended or expelled. You are required to answer, and falsifying any part of your application is grounds for denying admission”. If you have been suspended in high school it will affect your chances to get into the college and you cannot even lie about it, because you will be rejected. To get into college you will want to not have any suspensions on record because the colleges will check them and you can't lie because they will find out about it and kick you out.

Furthermore, to make it into college you will need to have a decent GPA. Your GPA can be different because not all high schools use the same system. It states on mycollegeguide.org that “it is important to understand what colleges are looking for when reviewing your application. Since it is so common for grade point scales to vary from school to school, most colleges have their own system of weighting GPAs to standardize the admissions process. If you have a solid 3.3 GPA or above, then you have a decent chance of acceptance at a wide variety of mid-level colleges, while higher level colleges often look for a 3.8 GPA or higher”. When you apply for college you will want to have a decent GPA, 3.5 will take you into most normal colleges; however, if you want to go into a high level college you will want to have a 3.8 and above college. Collages will look at more than just your GPA, but you have a near impeccable chance to get into college with a GPA of 3.5.

Lastly, if you find yourself in trouble in college; you will not have a fun time. It states in rochester.edu “Students can be expelled for violating the Standards of Student Conduct. Students expelled for non-academic misconduct are withdrawn from the University… The Board on Academic Honesty can impose a suspension for one or more semesters. Students suspended for academic dishonesty are withdrawn from the University”. If you do something against the college’s Standards of Student Conduct, you will be removed from college, and most likely not be accepted into another college, and you will be removed from the college for 1 or more semesters if you do something to impose a suspension. Getting Punished in College can be rough and ruin your life, you can be removed from the college and have an expulsion on your name, and you can be suspended for multiple semesters.

Concluding, getting into college is not an easy task, you can lose any chance of getting into college just by getting suspended, and if you are arrested; your chances are gone. Because college is so competitive, you need to have a decent GPA to get into college. Even if you make it in and have nothing go wrong in high school, You can be expelled from college and suspended for multiple semesters. To be accepted into college you will need to have a mostly clean record, and have a decent GPA; however, you can lose all of your work if you go against the Standards of Student Conduct as you will be expelled.



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