Importance of Higher Education Essay Example

Importance of Higher Education Essay Example
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Higher education has many benefits. It is possible to be successful without a college education, but it is not as likely as if a person that has received higher education. In the current job market, many jobs require a college degree. The more school a person receives, then the more money he/she will make later in life. Money runs the world, and without money the world doesn't run. No one wants to be struggling later in life and having a hard time paying bills, so attending college helps people obtain a solid job and no life struggle. Attending college will also help get set up for life and time management. College is not only about going only to make more money, it is about also learning more material and succeeding  in life. My mom has always told me that knowledge is power, and that's a good quote to go by in life. I was not forced to attend college. I choose to attend college to become more educated and to prepare me more in life. Attaining a higher education will help you later in life and it is worth it. Higher Education is worth it because of the vast opportunities available salary, and the gained knowledge.

How it leads to career

Earning a college degree is the most common pathway to a more successful career. It simply depends how long you want to attend college for your profession. College gives you different skills and many college graduates end up in fields that are not what they studied in school. College  can open up unexpected and unique opportunities that are not always available for those who have not engaged in a higher level of education. In today's economy, options are shrinking for people who only have a high school diploma. Many people who only have a high diploma are working harder for less money, while on the other hand college graduates tend to have it more easy because of the skills they learned in college. Not everyone knows what they lack in life, the first step is to receive a college education, so you can keep your options open and have a better opportunity. Many people choose to attend college after realizing the job opportunities are miniscule with one compared to having many with a degree. In  “Why Companies Aren’t Getting the Employees they Need” article, Peter Cappelli outlines that, “These days, many companies simply don't believe their own workers have the necessary skills to take on new roles” (372). Many Americans don't have the skills for new roles, if they were to attend college they would develop new skills. I have had a situation where I worked for a company, and they wanted to offer me a promotion, but I didn't have a degree which the employer wanted me to receive the skills from college before offering me the position. Therefore, attaining a higher education will help you land a job and give you better opportunities in life.

Obtaining a college degree will help you achieve a larger salary than someone without. Jobs that require a college degree pay more, and usually the higher education you study it will translate to a higher salary. The average salary for much holder is roughly $48,500 a year while people with high school diplomas earned a much lower salary at $23,900 a year. People who have a college degree have a lower layoff rate as well. People who have a college degree also won't be as stressed, because they don't must worry about bills like rent and car payments as much as someone who has a high school diploma making a lower salary. The higher, the education, than the higher salary. For example, a doctor who has a very high salary which is above 100,000 dollars a year, has to attend school for four years of undergraduate, four years of medical school, and four years of residency. This,  is one of the main reasons they are paid well. Bernd Debusmann, an author for Reuters, wrote an article called “Education Pays off in Better Jobs, Higher Salaries” where he states, “Higher education leads to better paying jobs and by 2018 almost two thirds of all occupations in the United States will require a college degree." In other words, if you don't attain a college education in the future it will be hard to land a job and be paid well. My uncle used to work as a construction worker barely making ends meet, he chooses to go attain a higher education and when he graduated from college he made double his last salary. Everyone should attend college, it’s a safer investment you can pick a profession that your passionate about and are paid well for.

All the knowledge

Attaining a higher education gives you very important knowledge you can apply later in life. There are many classes you can take to further your knowledge like Communication 231, which will help you with public speaking. Classes like English will help you write excellent emails and papers you have for work later in life. College also help you in life with managing your time and money. Many people procrastinate in life, and in college you will learn very quickly if you procrastinate you are will do poorly. There are classes you can take to help you with managing money which is very important in life. Many people have a hard time managing their money, and the knowledge you recieve from those classes can help you greatly. My mom has always told me knowledge is power, you can never be too educated. The knowledge I have already learned from my first two years is way greater than if I would only have a high school diploma. Randall S. Hansen, a author for Live Career, wrote a article called “How the Lessons, Skills, and Values You Develop in College Prepare You for the Job Market” where she states,   “Before you enter the workforce, it’s crucial to work on the following skills: communications writing, speaking, and interpersonal, teamwork, analytical ability, multitasking, organization, leadership, problem-solving, tenacity, and dependability”. The skills and knowledge you recieve in college will help you later in life with many things. Some people who choose to take the other path and not attend college have bad time management and struggle in life which is one of the huge skills you acquire from a higher education. Therefore, attending college is worth it because it prepares you later in life, and the knowledge you learn you can apply to your life in the future.


There are numerous motivations to attend a university. Setting off for college can assist you with landing a job you adore and to make cash to pay your bills. For some individuals, it is an extraordinary method to meet individuals, to get familiar with the world, and to become familiar with the essential abilities to succeed. Be that as it may, school isn't for everybody. While a few people go to school to discover their enthusiasm, others definitely know their passion, and they don't bother with school to accomplish it. There are several jobs that pay well without a degree. The specific job requirements will depend on the company. Numerous individuals find that they have a particular aptitude that makes an easy transition into a job without requiring a higher education. Many students choose to not attend college because you accrue large amounts of debt which takes years to pay off. Others just begin at the base of an organization and work their way up, and others join a privately-owned company and get familiar with the ropes without gaining higher education. Valerie Strauss, a author for The Washington Post, wrote a article called “Why Everyone Shouldn't Go to College” where he states,  “So there is an important back-story to be told about the three facts that I listed above and there are alternatives for those students who seek practical and worthy career choices beyond spending four more years in academic studies and borrowing lots of money for a higher education”. There are many flaws in attending college, it’s not for everyone because of the money you have to borrow, and the length you have to attend college just to get a “good” job. There are many people who did not attain a higher education and are happy, stress free, and successful. Some of the richest people in the world don't have a college degree for example bill gates, one of the most successful and wealthy people in the world. Therefore, you don't have to attend college to be successful in life and make a good Salary.

Attaining higher education helps you land a job that will set you up to be  successful. Higher Education is worthwhile because of the vast opportunities available, salary, and the gained knowledge. I attend college to get a higher education and be successful in life. I strongly recommend attaining a higher education because of what it has to offer. I do believe in higher education is the right path. So if you want to be successful in life, gain amazing opportunities, high salaries, and get the knowledge you gain from a higher education, then go to college.


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