Me as a Writer Essay Example: What Made Me a Better Writer/Reader

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  • Published: 03 November 2020
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Throughout middle school, our readings, in my opinion, have been pretty boring and not a lot of fun. But in seventh grade we started to read Shakespeare, which changed my opinions on literature completely. I went from doing the bare minimum four books a year, to doing the four books, but tons of research on every single one and trying to find hidden meanings like Friedrich Neichze for example. Not only did I research more, but I began to annotate more intellectually, started learning about philosophy, learning more about history, and discovering more vocabulary.

To be honest, I used to find writing to be quite a grueling task. Every week in Mr. Erikson's class I would probably write about something which was really boring. Two years later I learned that I thought his class was boring because I wrote without care and gratitude toward the subject I was writing about. I started to not only read, but look up things mentioned in the book and learn what they mean. Also in my research papers, I would spend like 1 hour on it when it would take people eight hours. I've learned through my life as my younger self that things may be boring at first, but it takes some time getting used too, and maybe I can learn something historically important and interesting on the way to the last few pages.  

When I Hated Reading

What is something I hated more than reading? Well that would be annotating. Page after page I would just highlight half of the text and write one of the following words: wow, gosh, harsh, yay, woo, or circle a word and put a question mark to make me look like I did extra work. But after doing it I always thought to myself if I could have actually annotated in the time it took me to fake it. So when I started actually annotating, it felt good getting more from the text, and helping me out later during a test or paper. During the annotating I would start to make connections with famous philosophers, writings, or even authors that I have heard my brother talking about. So learning about some philosophers made me begin to research.

Last Thursdayism was my first weird introduction into philosophy. It is a belief created in 1921 by Bertrand Russell, the english author. He stated that, "As everyone knows, it was predicted that the world would end last Wednesday at 10:00 PST. Since there appears to be a world in existence now, the entire universe must therefore have been recreated, complete with an apparent "history", last Thursday". So with this weird ideology I started to gain more and more knowledge about writers and their history and teachings. Whilst I don't know much, I can tell that philosophy has changed the way I think, write, and process information I might not understand at first. Even with these few things I learned about philosophers, I still learned a lot about history. 

I learned not only small details, but even big events I have somehow ever heard of before. For example, when Pope Gregory during the 12th century spread the black plague. When the plague started in Europe, people started getting cats to get rid of the rats causing the disease, but then Pope Gregory IX decided to write something called the Vox In Rama which stated that black cats were a recreation of satan and all black cats needed to be eliminated. Which caused the rats to spread more with way less cats. How I learned this was from me looking into 12th century history by coming across Philippe Le Chancelier, he was a french theologian, which is pretty much all I know about him. Looking at the word theologian made me look it up, learning new words that expand my vocabulary. 

The Importance of Vocabulary

Vocabulary, if you love it or hate it, you still can't deny that it is really important for everyday life, especially when growing up. Reading can immensely help with your vocab skills and most reading I do is research. Even though it is not the best type of reading a person could do, it still keeps me up to date with news, politics and maybe even new words. Words I have learned reading include: Bilk, denigrate, and egregious. These specific words don't help me in everyday life but help me indirectly with synonyms, and could even increase my knowledge of something random in the future.

Hopefully my future ventures through highschool will make me a better student than I am today, or years before that, which I guarantee will. And while learning about the basics of philosophy and a lot more history, and they might not be "life changing events", they still affected  the way I read, write, and even perform in school in a positive way, and if shakespearean literature has changed the way I think and do everything school related, I have a lot of reading and experiences ahead of me.



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