The Stain Church Nuptial Ceremony. My School Project Example

The Stain Church Nuptial Ceremony. My School Project Example
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📌Published: 03 November 2020

So, there was this one chilly day, where the sun was blocked, during my 8th-grade year, which I didn't care about, and in a boring math classroom, that I was assigned a math project by my math teacher. Now first some backstory, my math teacher was always the type of person that had projects that were always different, I learned about this glass thing after the project, apparently it is just like a form of colored glass that is hard and has like, ten million lines everywhere, and during 8th-grade I guess you could call me a kid that could be smart but as usual, lazy and unwilling to do work. Back to the story, this math project was something like, “yeah, yeah, okay just another thing to do this weekend” to me at first but thinking about it now only really “pops my brain like a balloon.”

First, she explained to us that this project was going to be about Stain glass and I don't know about you, but I was dazed by this statement as I had no clue what was, back then. But, it only got worse from there as she said, that we had to have pictures of stained glass in the project and that we had to be physically in those pictures of the stain glass thing, which bewildered me, because I was like there is no way, I was going to be able to finish that as my neighborhood there was no stained glass. So, after class, I went to ask most of my friends, if they knew where you could get this stain glass thing, however, they all answered me with something coming along the lines of, “Uh, Maybe??” Until Alvin, one of my friends who is really silent, tall and looks like a nerd said that he knew a church nearby with stain glass in it and that moment felt like pure joy for all of us, but I was about to learn that things don't always go so right..., “The hard way.”

So after agreeing, on going to church on that week's Saturday, an unusually sunny day, all of us, around 10, met up at the school except Alvin forgot the directions to the church so we ended up aimlessly going around a maze that seemed endless. However after 15 minutes, of that hell, we finally found the church through google maps, ay. But, that was followed by us doing nothing even when we reached the beautifully colored church, due to the doors being shut and no one daring to do anything and instead opting to stand there like statues because we were all just inconclusive and timid.

This is just what we did for a long time until another one of my friends, Hao Ran a tall, muscular, and pretty smart, dude decided to just walk into the main hall anyway, because he “was 'bored' and “wanted to go home.” We followed him into the main hall which felt like a haunted hallway because it was dead silent with no one around, I was pretty much like, “Uh, **** at this moment.” But still, we stayed in taking pictures of some of the stained glass pictures in the main hall and for some odd reason the bathrooms, now that I reflect on this, all I can utter is “thank goodness no one was using them though.” However, it goes all down from here as, Ben, one of my friends who are short, kinda dumb I guess, and always prone to doing weird things, opened the main door which leads to a wonderful, glamorous wedding.

And for some odd reason, Ben decided that it was a genius idea to start taking pictures of the stained glass in that room with his sound and flash on. Which of course, immediately led to us being found out by the people heading the building, who talked to us in a way that sounded very much like “Why in the world are you guys even here there is a wedding going on god damn it.” And we were, for example, said something like, “Uhh, Uhh, we're here to do our project…?” This did not seem to please them though as they look on their face told me that they wanted us out of here. And yes, after that, they proceeded to boot us away casually with an expression that I cannot describe except for annoyed or anger.

So, what did I learn? Quite a lot, about the need to pick your decisions wisely, be clever and to not be indecisive and ask things or else this could very well happen again to anyone. Hey, but I mean even though we did get a nice boot out the door, all of us still managed to finish the project with pretty decent grades, around 85-95.


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