Why I Want to Be a Counselor Essay Example

The personal qualities of a counselor in many instances manifest in his/her professional work. Therapists must be well equipped to help clients to make healthier choices and live meaningful, fulfilling, and productive lives. One of the attributes that I have is warmth. This is one of the qualities that humanist psychologist Carl Rogers advocated for in building a therapeutic relationship. Warmth comprises of the capacity to communicate and exhibit genuine caring when working with clients. Even in personal life, I always concerned about the welfare of others. Notably, this is one of the reasons I chose to get into the helping profession with the aim of helping others achieve mental and psychologically wellness and enhance their capacity to deal with life’s pressures. Warmth is mainly demonstrated through nonverbal cues like tone of voice, a smile, posture, and various other facial expressions. The sincere interest in clients’ issues provides a safe environment where they can be open about their concerns and work towards finding workable solutions. 

Another attribute that I have is a sense of humor. While this quality to essential in personal life in building relationships and communicating with others, it is often overlooked in counseling situations. However, this counselor-in-training believes that humor comes in handy when there is tension during the counseling process. Having a sense of humor neither means that the therapist makes light of the clients’ problems or result in a comedian’s tactics. Instead, it means that the counselor is capable of helping those in therapy to calm down the tense atmosphere and regain the ability to see their issues from a larger picture instead of blowing things out of proportion. When discussing subjects that might be deemed to be taboo, using humor may make the situation more manageable and thus enhance successful therapeutic outcomes.



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