​​​​​​​Experience Report Korea University Exchange

​​​​​​​Experience Report Korea University Exchange
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📌Published: 17 May 2021

Being able to study at Korea University in Seoul, Korea would be a great opportunity for me to be exposed to a new environment as well as set myself forward in my career path. My goal in the future is to work in the Korean entertainment and media industry, therefore having the opportunity to travel and experience living in the country I want to work in would be amazing for me. I am interested in media production with specialized focuses on editing and cinematography, which Korean media has such unique styles for. Most notable examples of this unique style are prevalent in award-winning films Parasite and The Host, both directed by the famed Bong Joon-ho (and two of my favorite films). These films are esteemed for their flawless execution of integrating black humor, suspense, horror, and social commentary distinct from Western cinema that succeeds in attracting international audiences. I am constantly inspired by the creativity and stylistic elements in Korean media and my work is largely influenced by it, such as a greener tint to my projects for film class or quirky graphical commentary for humorous compilations I have created for my club, ATX KDC. However, I know that South Korea is more than the media I consume—I am more than willing to be educated, appreciate, and understand every aspect of the country I will be exposed to.

Korea University offers many courses that focus on Korean culture, language, and media directly related to my career path. With these courses, I can strengthen my language skills and gain a deeper understanding in my fields of interest. In addition to these courses, the university’s location gives me the ability to reach out to studios and media companies based in Seoul for available opportunities to gain experience on set.

Coming from a Vietnamese and Chinese background, I have become accustomed to social commonalities shared in East Asian cultures. This includes formalities when speaking, filial piety, cuisine, a sense of collectiveness, and cultural expectations. In addition to taking Korean language courses at UT, I have been studying Korean and Korean culture independently in preparation for my time abroad. Having cultural awareness and knowledge in the language will help me both navigate life in another country and properly represent UT abroad. There are many great applicants for this program, and I hope I have shown that I am one of them. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application for study abroad.


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