What is College Life Essay Example 2

What is College Life Essay Example 2
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📌Published: 18 April 2021

The everyday life of a typical college student can be interpreted as carefree and foolish to some individuals. However, according to the average college student life can be extremely grueling and just on the verge of being terrible. These two conflicting views regarding how college students live their lives are certainly nothing new, in fact, I've noticed that this has possibly been the case since the early seventies. 

I seem to recall about three years ago when I was watching a horror film on TV with my grandfather, and in one scene of the film a college student who is being pursued by a deranged killer inconveniently remembers  that she has forgotten her purse in her car and decides that the most important thing on her list of objectives is not to preserve her life but to ensure that she has her purse (this was clearly an example of the foolish and grossly irrational college student). Now obviously, any sane person knows that this is unlikely to happen in the real world as I believe it is safe to assume that most people are more logical than that. But still, my grandfather decided to chime in and make a comment about the fool, “Goodness Brian, please promise me you'll never become the stereotypical millennial college student.” 

I have found myself on the opposite side of the argument, I'm a firm believer that almost all students currently enrolled in a four-year institution or even a community college are competent individuals who are simply still trying to find their footing in our crazy world. I would also like to make the reader understand that I do understand the stereotype as I do know plenty of people from grade school who have flawlessly met the stereotype of a stupid, foolish, and almost nonchalance millennial college student. However, I do not believe that these people have the ability to represent all college students as fools. I'm a firm believer in individualism, especially in social affairs, and I am very much convinced that most, if not all college students have taken on the hardships of a higher education because they wish to further advance themselves when it comes to climbing the economic ladder, and not to have a good time and terribly raise their alcohol levels. 

After taking the time to observe both my feelings regarding college students, and the opinions of other individuals I have come to the conclusion that although the everyday life of a typical college student can be interpreted as carefree and foolish to some individuals, I firmly believe that all students enrolled in any sort of institution in the pursuit of higher education are only there because they genuinely care about their own self-improvement as well as their position in the economy.


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