A Persuasive Essay on Less Homework

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  • Published: 13 August 2020
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Homework is a disease spreading through classrooms, causing problems around the country. People have debated for years on whether people should ban homework, or keep it. This is important because if we don’t put a stop to this evil work, it might affect schools countrywide. Even though people can refer to homework as a powerful instructional tool, it may take time out of kids’ days, and may not help them at all. Schools should abolish assigned homework because it can create home, school, and health problems.One debated reason why schools should abolish homework is the home problems it can cause. 

The first example of why homework cause problems at households is that it can interfere with other home activities, as mentioned in “The Case For and Against Homework.” For example, if a student is in sports and has truckloads of homework, they probably will have to pick one or the other. This will make you realize how homework interferes with home activities. In the article, “Is Too Much Homework Bad For Kids’ Health?” it states, “They report that the no-homework policy has taken the stress out of their afternoons and evenings. In addition, it’s been easier for their children to participate in after-school activities.” 

This means that without homework, kids have been earning more time for after-school activities. Therefore, homework causes home problems. The last reason why homework can create home problems is that economically disadvantaged students may not have enough materials to get the assigned homework done. This will resolve in the child getting lousy grades, just because the student isn’t in a wealthy family. For all of these reasons, schools should abolish homework because it causes home problems.

Another reason why schools put an end to homework is that it can create school issues. To start off, a valid reason why homework can cause school problems is that too much of it can diminish its effectiveness and students’ interest in learning, as said in “The Case For and Against Homework.” This proves that it can cause school issues because the kids stay up all night finishing homework, which may not help at all. According to “The Case For and Against Homework,” it states, “Many parents report that they feel unprepared to help children with homework and that their efforts to help frequently cause stress.” This shows how homework can lead to school problems because of students being too stressed and unprepared to do well in class. In the article “The Case For and Against Homework,” it mentions how inappropriate homework can provide no benefit and may even decrease student achievement. Because of this, homework can cause school problems by decreasing students’ school achievement. For all of these examples, schools should abolish homework because it can create school dilemmas. 

A final valid reason why school should abolish homework is how homework can be the cause of health obstacles. In the article “The Case For and Against Homework,” it states, “Homework could be detrimental to students’ mental health.” This means that homework could cause brain problems for children. Therefore, homework causes health issues. Another valid example of homework causing health problems is that it can cause lessened family time and can harm health. Students may spend more time working on homework than spending quality time with their family. To add on, less family time can create a smaller bond between the student and family. To wrap it up, too much homework can cause sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation can lead to paranoia, yawning, a weakened immunity, and more, as mentioned in “16 Effects of Sleep Deprivation.” This proves how homework can cause health problems. Because of the previous reasons, schools should abolish homework because it can cause health issues.

As you can see, schools should put an end to homework because of the home, school, and health issues that it can create. It is essential that we abolish homework to make life better for kids around the world. The previous evidence in the essay shows how removing homework can improve the quality of life. People who think that homework is healthy for kids might say how homework can extend learning beyond the school day. Although this information is true, how would you like to stay home from an after-school sports tournament, just to do some silly homework? Now it’s your turn. How can you stop homework and make life better for people in your district?