My High School Experience Essay

My High School Experience Essay
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📌Published: 18 July 2020

High school is a plethora of new thoughts, feelings, and full of new experiences for nearly all freshmen, the feelings are those of feeling lost, scared or estrangement. For me it was no different, I was in a new place furthermore, I was not thrilled to attend this place. It wasn’t long till I found a haven for me, the student council. I wasn’t the most active for a while, but junior year I started to understand high school. In my junior year of the student council, many events felt new, exhilarating, but definitely intimidating. 

Though I always was experiencing new experiences throughout high school, I would say I experienced the most memorable ones throughout my junior year. Though I was never really an outgoing person, being the person who was always in the back hoping nobody picked on them, junior year changed that. Junior year was a very busy year for me, mainly preparing for senior year. But I was probably the busiest during the student council. With many events, I never attended before such as the polar plunge, the first community picnic, or even the districts that we hosted. These pushed me out of my comfort zone to the extreme, which allowed me to converse with people, tons of people. This was I wasn’t expecting to do during any time my high school career, but what I needed. I have never been the most outgoing, but this is what made these events so exhilarating, leading me into my second point.

There were tons of events during this particular school year, I attended a lot of these events. These events were something I was not used to, which made most of them stressful but yet exhilarating. Stressful in the sense of it is very overwhelming, but there were so loads of new events to do, but I found this so exciting. Like waking up at 6 A.M for the polar plunge, the jumping in below-freezing water, or set up the Special Olympics, moreover helping our athletes through the events. These are experiences I never thought I would be doing but, in the end, I wouldn’t trade those for the world. Though I may have thought they were fun, I was exiting my comfort zone, which was pretty intimidating. Leading to my third point.

Though I liked these new experiences and found them really fun, I was scared, which practically had me on the edge of an anxiety attack. It was not something I was used to at all, but I welcomed it because I needed this experience. The thought of talking to someone I have never met before was terrifying to me, I avoided it like the plague. But as I progressed through high school, but during junior year, I really took off. Through attending many of the events during student council.

Though I had plenty of experiences throughout high school, I believe my biggest year was my junior year. With scads events attended during my junior year, I found them new, exhilarating, but also somewhat intimidating. There were some lessons I learned during this year, but mainly I learned how to stand outside out of my comfort zone, I improved myself by being able to talk to whoever, and being able to improve my overall social skills.


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