Essay on Apple and Microsoft Laptops for Student’s Needs

What are you reading this essay on? If you answered with something related to an Apple product, then you are in the 11-14% that uses Apple desktop, whereas Microsoft holds up the other 85%. It has been a long-standing debate between Apple and virtually any other electronic company on which is the better producer. Apple and Microsoft differ in a few categories including products, features, and pricing. Apple has been around since 1976, and Microsoft has been around since 1974. These two companies have been rivals since the beginning meaning there is a lot of room for discussion over the past and present of these pioneering companies.

Apple is among one of the most updated companies. Between them launching a new cell phone almost every single year, they have been the one to put out significantly more products than Microsoft has. Although Microsoft has put out new products, they may not be as widely announced and known due to the fact of the high popularity that Apple receives over their phone launches. Microsoft is more likely known for their ownership over Xbox, rather than their sales on computers. Microsoft may also be paired along with Windows. Apple is commonly talked of for their popular products, for example: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Air Pods. Microsoft however launches more business and schooling products geared towards those that are looking into more day to day tasks. Microsoft products may be more practical for daily use, whereas Apple products are more likely used for media coverage than for daily job tasks. Microsoft also has more business applications already installed on their products for practical use.

Apple and Microsoft vary in their features between their products. Such as on the new iPhone coming from Apple this year, the phone will be of the newest and best quality cameras along with a more futuristic feel of their home screen. In a sense, Microsoft has similar qualities, but in different products. Microsoft has the ability for facial recognition and camera quality on their desktops and laptops. Apple has the feature of more cell phones, whereas Microsoft has more laptops and tablets. Microsoft also has the feature of having a lot more business applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Apple has more functions such as camera, texting, and phone calls. Apple has more social settings for their products as well. It is common to see people with MacBook’s texting off of their computer like they would their phone, whereas on a Microsoft laptop you would have to message people through emails or off your own cell phone.

Between the two companies they have one thing in common: high pricing. A Microsoft Surface Laptop is just $1,000, which is one of their new laptops. The Apple MacBook Pro is just around $1,300. Appl is a bit more highly priced on their laptops, but that is because of paying for the name. The functions and ability between the two products differ due to the Microsoft laptop having more applications for the day to day purpose of business and schooling. The MacBook, however, will be better for processing photos and having the ability to connect to your other Apple products. These two companies are pricing their products higher every time they come out with a new product due to the competition of the other companies in rival with them. The rival between all the companies is driving the pricing to be higher than imagined. It is hard to imagine paying almost $1,300 for a single laptop where as more would commonly go for a chrome book that is less than $500, but in the end they will be paying for the features and name of the company for these products also.

After comparing both companies I have concluded that it all depends on what the person shopping is looking for. If a college student were to walk into Best Buy and be deciding on which product they should get for while they are gone to college, I would recommend getting a Microsoft laptop. I would make this recommendation due to the applications and purpose of this laptop. It is versatile and can fold to be used as a tablet for note taking. However, if a young, aspiring photographer were to walk into Best Buy, I would recommend the Apple MacBook Pro to be able to edit their photos and have a better device more equipped for that exact situation. In the end the only that really matters when looking at the two companies is all about the purpose of the one who is doing all the buying.



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