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Growing up, I was always a curious girl who asked a lot of questions, wandered around, and always had something on her mind. I had so much going on in my brain I just didn’t know what to do about it. My teacher noticed I was a little off one day, and we began chatting about my overwhelming sentiments and everything else that was going on in my life. She was my favorite teacher because she was so compassionate and swaggy, and her husband was an astronaut, which I thought was super cool. Anyway, she explained to me that she felt the same way, and that she kept a journal in which she wrote about her feelings and her day every night. This was my first introduction to writing, and my life has never been the same since.

Writing In My Childhood

I would write in my journal, or diary as I would have called it back then, every day, and I would write songs and then sing them for my entire family. For my original tunes, I even wrote up choreography. Looking back, I understand that writing made me feel so powerful, despite my little stature. It gave me the impression that I could be or do anything. I used to write short stories as well, but they always ended poorly. I'm not sure why, but I've never been good with endings, particularly happy ones.                    

The Middle Ages

After a while I forgot about writing in my journal. I had moved on from that stage in my life. I'm not sure why I stopped writing, but I think it was because I had too much writing to do in my 7th grade History and English class. But I remembered how to love writing again once I got into the 8th grade and I met my new English teacher, Mrs. Valentine.  She was my favorite teacher because she was very loud-mouthed and wild, and she gave me candy when I would go visit her at lunch. She was very strict at grading, so when I would get good grades in her class this made me feel really accomplished and smart. I remember we read this book, I don’t remember the name of it though, we annotated it and we had to write an essay on it. While I was writing my essay I completely forgot how to write so I went up to Mrs. Valentine and I told her about  how hard of a time I was having trying to write this essay. She said “just write what you annotated”. I realize now that what she meant was just write what you're thinking, write what you know and what you don’t know. That's how I write now: I write anything that comes to me, even if I'm not sure what I'm writing about.

Current Tea

When Covid struck, I stopped writing in my diary, which was a bad choice because I had so many things to write about. However, I did begin seeing a therapist. She is one of my favorite people. She is such a nice lady who genuinely cares about me and takes the time to listen to my difficulties. Anyway, I was telling my mother about this essay today on the way to school, and I told her that I wasn't sure what to write about because writing isn't really my thing anymore. She told me that I enjoy talking to my therapist and that it is similar to writing to talk to her. I pondered that for a few moments, unsure of what she meant, because talking to my therapist about my problems was nothing like writing. “Well, you always talk and she listens, which is kind of like writing, where you write and the pages listen,” my mother explained. OMG, I thought to myself. That's something I've never considered before. She's like a human diary for me. So, even if I'm not now putting down my feelings on a piece of paper, I'm still writing.


To summarize, I love writing. In theory, I enjoy talking, but writing is also talking. Writing is about telling your narrative and letting the world know what's on your mind. Writing is a means for me to express myself. I have so much going on in my head that letting it all out and telling people what I've been thinking about makes me feel amazing. This literacy narrative project has demonstrated how much I appreciate telling my experience and how it has impacted me.



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