Why Students Should Have Summer Vacation Essay Example

Why Students Should Have Summer Vacation Essay Example
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📌Published: 06 June 2021

Summer vacation is the backbone of America. It has given the United States plenty of movies, songs, and leisure time to spend with our families over the decades. Nonetheless, it is astonishing that others would prefer to get rid of this great American anniversary. Advocates for Year-Round schools have argued that summer vacation ruins students’ education by giving them an overabundance of spare time to forget what they learned in school. However, Traditional schools are more beneficial to students because it offers summer school to those who failed a course, allows them to get summer jobs, and increases school attendance throughout the summer months. You need to tighten up the last part of thesis...lets them advance 

Alumni in traditional schools benefit from the summer by making summer school available to their failing students. Having a year-round schedule would hinder their chances of passing the unsuccessful courses over the summer and would be forced to retake those classes the following school year. This can put students behind the their peers and, in severe situations, would obstruct them from graduating with their peers. This exemplifies why summer break is so important to students’ education. Traditional schooling gives second chances to those who could not make the grade the first time. Underdeveloped paragraph. Where’s the support?

Over the summer vacation, some students acquire jobs to earn some spending money. These kids gather experience early on of what is expected of them in the workforce. In Year-Round schools, these students are impeded from gaining that valuable work ethic that is necessary in today’s age. School would become an incessant burden on the students who actually choose to be productive over the vacation.Moreover, without students getting summer jobs, there would never be enough workers to take care of the workload of the tourism in the United States. The economy would then suffer from the lack of people in the workforce. Taking away summer would take away a student’s independence and would hurt the economy in the long run. They  are important to a teenager’s development and growth as a young adult. Weak topic sentence

While some parents would support this new change, others would reject the year-round schedule and fight back against the advocates. Over the decades, people all over the world chose to travel during the summer because of the ideal weather. While the school schedule in the United States would change, people’s travel schedules would not. These students would not be able to attend school during the summer because of their travel destinations.  Not a strong topic 

Year-round school advocates believe that Year-round schooling will benefit students by giving them less time to waste and less time to forget what they have learned. However, this cannot be deduced since there is no conclusive data that students in a Year-round school schedule do better than students in a traditional school (the University of Texas at Arlington, “Should We Consider Year-Round School in the U.S.). Since changing an entire school schedule and uprooting a child’s accustomed cycle can be traumatic for the student, the American school system should not be changed based on inconclusive data. Documentation is incorrect

Aside from the previously stated reason, advocates for Year-round schooling also believe that students will like school more if they are there more often. According to Lynch, students will not disconnect from their school surroundings and therefore will like school more. However, it is not possible to gauge students contempt and joy for school and compare it to another’s feelings. Changing a schools schedule would not make them change their attitude towards work, their peers, and their teachers. A school system should not be changed unless it is proven to be better for students altogether. Capitalize them

Traditional schools support students in ways that year-round schooling does not have enough time for. The summer break allows for students grow and learn from their endeavors for the next school year.  It is evident that traditional school schedules are better for the students’ mind, education, and future.


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