Should College Be Free Essay Example 2

Are you planning on attending college after high school? If yes, what do you think of having free college? Think about it, what could happen?

Having free college could provide a better economy for society. In the U.S. the average cost of a year of college is around 10,000 dollars. Many citizens can’t afford that money. For example, the underclass and middle-class people. That's where debits come out. Citizens start to owe money to the government and those that take out debts, almost half percent of them pay everything within the amount of time they are given. That's what hurts the economy. So having free education will reduce the debts and citizens will be able to save money and the economy will grow because soon they will start saving up for a house, car, and family.   

Another reason why we should have free college is that it will give the lower and middle class a chance to attend college. I will put me as an example. I classified myself as a middle class. I want to go to college, but the only problem is money. My family can’t afford to pay for college for me. We are not like the common family where they can buy whatever they want. We have the money counted for each thing that we have to pay, for example, rent, light, gas, water, etc... If they make college free I would be so excited to attend. It will give me a chance to have a better future, but most importantly to be someone in life.

Also having free college will lead us to new levels of innovations. Many intelligent people don’t attend college because of the annual cost. Imagine if that person could help us create a cure for cancer or even better... help us find a way where we could save our world. Wouldn’t that be awesome! After all, this year by scientists trying to find a cure for cancer. We will finally have the cure in our hands. All the little kids and adults that are going to survive cancer. Wouldn’t that be magnificent seen a smile on their face knowing that they won't be suffering from cancer anymore? Now imagine a way where we could save our world... If I were you I would be excited because of everything that's going on in our world. All the global warming “we” are causing. If we continue like this soon “earth” or “life” will no longer exist, so think about it. Should we have free college?

To summarize, we should have free college because it will help the economy, give lower and middle class a chance to have a future; and we will be able to find new levels of innovation so we could make a better future...



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