Comparative Analysis of Suburban and Urban Life Essay Example

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  • Published: 17 June 2021
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Depending on a person’s preference, an urban life and a suburban life are both very different in their own ways. Urban and suburban both have their pros and cons. Many differences and conclusions can be drawn.

A good and unifying reason of why people would be attracted to the suburban lifestyle would be because of the housing and isolation away from business areas. Families with kids and different lifestyles do not want to wake up everyday to uniform behavior of their peers, crowded streets, or stress-filling duties, such as paying high rent. The suburban landscape has more friendly neighbors, kid-friendly environments, and easy range to markets, and schools. 

However, not everything is peachy with just the suburban lifestyle. Living in an urban environment provides more opportunities for jobs, or luxurious housing, such as penthouses. Many people, especially those who are young and fresh out of school might consider taking the urban life over the suburban life because of the business. Since these people do not have families and are still young, they have many opportunities to branch out and take different jobs. 

Living in an urban landscape may also be troublesome, always being around loud people and noise, all day and night with just constant business is not a good choice for a lifestyle. For the suburbs, if a family is not as financial stable as those around them, they might feel isolated due to their lack of income. Their neighbors might not be as accepting and that would not make for a happy life for the family either. 

It really comes down to the person, one person might prefer to wake up to a peaceful neighborhood, while the other might prefer to wake up to busy streets and loud audiences. One might like it to be surrounded by uniform activity and access to attracted services and businesses in an instant while the other just wants to have the desire of being at peace and having an easy and friendly community. Both have their pros and cons at the end, there would not be an ‘optimal’ choice on the living aspect.



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