White Collars VS Blue-collar Workers Essay Example

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  • Published: 28 June 2020
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If there was a major economic change in the world, it could flip the way our society functions. In the article called "First, Eat All the Lawyers" by Torie Bosch. She talks about the two most well-known collar groups; white collars and blue-collar workers. White-collars workers skills are centered around office work and the blue collars have the skills to do manual labor work. If there was a world threat the blue-collar people would be at the top of the economic structure and white collar would be at the bottom. Overall, if there was a change in the economy, it would affect white collar people the most. 

In the article, Torie Bosch used references showing why she is so mindset on the fact the world would change when threatened with something like zombies. The first references she used in her article was even within the title of her paper "First, Eat All the Lawyers" which is very similar to what William Shakespeare said in Henry VI part 2, "let's kill all the lawyers". I feel that she used this as the title of her article because, like William Shakespeare, they knew lawyers hold a lot of power in the economy. She makes the point if there was a threat to the world like, Zombies, lawyers would be the weakest in the group after losing their power. Then she also picks on the old guilty pleasure that people liked to watch shows like zombies and Grendel who was a Beowulf. 

Though after reading deeply in her guilty pleasure like Grendel she said "…I can't help but believe that this current Era of the Dead draws its power from our economic malaise." Which means she sees that now a lot of people are drawn to the weakness and uneasiness of our economy. Which is why she believes she sees so many types of zombie movies and shows now today than in the past. Which later she gets into how many of these zombies' material references how the economy would function. She uses the most popular zombie TV show the walking dead which started about nine years ago and still being aired today. In which she notices how in the walking dead, the strongest people are people from the blue-collar group and the weakest people who are unable to complete simple tasks are from white collar-group. She also randomly brings up that even fancy sports clothing that people with money wear is not going to help when they are in a zombie apocalypse world. She even tells us about two zombie books that were made which is Zone One and WWZ which was also made into a movie.

Both books that Bosch brought up put a light on the facts that the white-collar workers would have a hard time living in the world if it was threatened with something like zombies. Though she also explains that Max Brooks shows how diverse of the two collars groups with a toilet scene. In the scene, their a white-collar person calls a plumber to fix their toilet so they can keep talking on the phone, but on the next day, no one will need to call about having some office work. Though they do need someone to fix the toilet. Which leaves the white-collar people at the mercy of some low-ranking blue-collar worker who could have been their subordinate just a few days before.

Torie Bosch talks a lot about how the blue-collar workers would obtain the leadership power in a world threatened by something like zombies. She feels that the blue-collar workers would end up being the leaders of the survivors, taking up the positions that white-collar workers used to have before the apocalypse. She also talks about the skills that blue-collar people have would come in handy, like in the zombie story in which she says "…skills in auto maintenance, farming, plumbing, and electrical work, not to mention marksmanship, and blue-collar folks would be at the top of the new social order" In which these skills would be helpful in a world in threat for survival. Knowing how to build or fix things is something that will allow humans to survive. As for farming that is importing too because for any humans to even function, they need food in which knowing how to farm is something that could be either life or death. Placing the blue-collar workers in the position to help lead humanity to survive in a life-threatening event. 

Though as for white-collar workers, she feels that they will be the most useless people in the world if a threat became a reality. The reason that she feels that white-collar workers will be useless is that the fact many of them can't hunt, kill animals or even grow a garden of food. She even starts to see herself in the white-collar workers in the Walking Dead. Many white-collar workers, like her, probably have never gone fishing or made a fire without a lighter. She said, "…anyone who thought a college degree would mean never having to fix a generator." She feels that many white-collar workers who felt going to college would help them not to do any hard work later down the line will find themselves in trouble. In a world trying to survive, knowing how to do some hard work like manual labor will be the most important skill to have. So, in the long run for any of the white-collar worker who does not know some of these skills will be the one that will have the hardest time surviving in a crazy world. Though in the end if they do survive the will have a hard time getting back into the life they once had before.



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