My Dog Essay Example: How Its Death Affected Me

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  • Published: 04 November 2020
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Four years ago we went to the doctor with our dog and came back with a clay paw print.  It was a sad day. It started like this.

“Mom, where’s the toilet bowl cleaner?” I yelled.

“It’s in the bathroom in my bedroom,” Mom said.

I ran down the stairs and ran into their bedroom opening every door until I found the cleaning supplies in their closet by their laundry baskets. As I ran out I patted Stormy, our dog, on her head. Then I walked up the stairs slowly.  I walked slowly because my final chore was to clean the upstairs toilet.  It is the nastiest thing in the house.  I did it as quickly as possible.  

Soon after I was done Mom exclaimed, “Stormy! NO! Stop that! Get that out of your mouth!”

I ran downstairs to see what was happening and I saw stormy going to town on a pair of my Mom’s jeans.  I help my Mom pry Stormy’s mouth open while she pulls them out. After we got it out I rubbed Stormy’s belly while Mom yelled at her.

After that happened Stormy would always be seen eating my mom’s clothes.  We would try to stop her and lock doors, but someone would always accidentally leave a door open. This happened for a couple of weeks. 

“Eureka!”Mom exclaimed, “I figured it out!”

“What did you figure out?” My Dad asked.

“I figured out how to keep stormy out of our laundry!” Mom replied. “We just get the laundry baskets with lids on them.”

Dad then told me that I was in charge and that they were going to go to the store right now. After they left I instantly went to the pantry and got a bag of nacho cheese Doritos. Then I went to the fridge and grabbed a Canadian Dry ginger ale.  After 20 minutes they got home and they put their clothes in their new laundry baskets.  

After a week or so stormy got really sick and started throwing up after every time she ate. We took her to the doctor and they told us that she was going to have to have surgery because the clothes she ate wrapped around her intestines.  We went home and after a week it was time for her surgery.  

The Doctor said, “Everything is going to be okay and we are pretty sure she will survive the surgery.” The Doctor picked up a small lizard. He then said, “This guy swallowed a screw and he had to have surgery and he is fine.  Also Stormy will be much easier to perform on than this guy so she should be fine.” The surgery happened and she was good for a month and she stopped eating clothes. She was fine and everything was good.  

Then one night Stormy started to whimper and curl up in the corner. She then threw up. We put her in her crate, then rushed to the car. Then we drove to the vet as fast as we could.  While we were driving me and two of my brothers, Brycen and Corbin, petted on her. I noticed that when I petted her she was cold. 

We got to the vet and unloaded her and the doctor rushed us to the back and we didn’t even check-in. My Mom and Dad sent me and my brother to the waiting room in the front of the building.  I started crying assuming the worst and that she would die.

Brycen whispered, “It’s going to be okay.  It will be fine.  She will make it.” Corbin saw me cry and since he was only two he didn’t really realize what was happening.  So he saw me cry and started to cry too.  I calmed down and Brycen and I helped him out and comforted him.  Our parents walked into the room and without saying anything brought us to Stormy. 

When we got there the Doctor whispered sadly, “Stormy did not survive this operation and she passed on. Instantly everyone in our family started crying.  I noticed that my dad was crying and it was the first time I ever saw him cry. After a few months, we got over Stormy’s death.  We had a small spot on the mantle which was dedicated to Stormy.  It had the clay paw print that the vet had given us a picture of stormy, and one of her toys.



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