Friendship Essay Example

Friends are like parachutes. If they aren’t there for you the first time, they will most likely not be there for you the second time. This means that if your friends aren’t there for you, It is going to be very hard to ever trust them again. I’ve been blessed with amazing friends and they couldn’t be any better. I love all of them so much and couldn’t imagine my life without each and every one of them. 

People I Trust

At church, I met some of the most important people in the world to me and most of my best friends. Church would be boring without them and they liven up my life with their contagious smiles and laughs. First, my friend Cecelia. Cecelia Steiner is one of my best friends in the whole entire world. If I ever need something, I know she will help me with it because that is who she is. She is lovable. Her smile, straight dark brown hair, and height are something I always look up to(literally). Humourous is another word to describe her. She is not serious at all and makes everything into a joke. Sassy is definitely a word to describe her.  Don’t mess with the girl because she is on fire! She also has a strong opinion on a lot of things. I remember a specific time I was at her house. She lives on a little farm with sheep, horses, rabbits, and many more animals.

They also breed dogs. Anyways, her dad has this really antique truck and we had this really great to go drive it around in a field. It was so fun driving around and trying to get the old radio to work. One quote she tells me is, “Be yourself because everybody else is already taken.” I think this quote is so true because you should always be yourself because being someone else is boring. Next, my friend Chloe Ramsier. A person who has played a huge role in my life. She is of average height and has really curly dirty blonde hair. Our moms were the best of friends so that is probably why we are such great friends! She is one of my best friends and one person who inspires me. She is so self-confident. Always believing in herself and has a lot of confidence, which is something I love about her! Energetic is something else she is.

She is always so happy and awake. I don’t ever remember her saying the words I’m tired. I wish I could do that because I feel like I am always yawning and expressing that I am tired. Another thing about Chloe is that she is so neat and tidy. Her room is normally organized, except for the times her sister isn’t clean. She is also really strategic. She is good at stuff like rubix cube, connect four, tic Tac toe, ect. One memory I have with her is when we were little. When our moms would hang out and have coffee, they would normally bring us along so we can play together. We used to call each other on the phone and tell each other which one of our many American Girl dolls to bring.

A couple summers, I had her over for a sleepover. We were bouncing on the trampoline and making up a gymnastics routine, because we both used to do gymnastics. We were practicing our routine to show my parents and all of the sudden, she just walks off the trampoline, falls down, and hurt her wrist really bad. Later, she was sitting down, holding ice on her wrist and I fell off my scooter and skinned my elbow and knee. I’ve known Chloe forever and couldn’t imagine myself without her. Addie is also a very good friend of mine. She is tall and skinny with straight strawberry blonde hair. At first, she may seem really shy, but once you get to know her, she is actually a lot of fun! “Mean bone” is literally the opposite of her. She is so calm! I’ve never seen her get mad at anyone, and that is pretty amazing considering she has three younger brothers.

Addie is also very joyful. If you accomplish anything, big or small, she will be so excited for you. She is always in a good mood and brightens peoples’ day. I remember one time Chloe, Cecelia, and I threw her a surprise birthday party! We had cupcakes and tons of balloons! Another memory I have with her is when our parents were in charge of the VBS at our church. We were down in her basement with our little brothers. But since it took us a long time to explain the rules of the game to her brother, we never actually got to play the game. I actually have two friends named Chloe. Chloe Klophinstein is someone that I just met, but has impacted me so much. Chloe is average height, brown hair, and has the biggest smile ever! I met her at church camp over the summer and we clicked right away, probably because we had the same shoes.

Chloe is one of the most hilarious people I have ever met. She can turn any situation funny. One time, we were supposed to be singing at a worship service, but instead we just sat there laughing at the most random things. She also has so much energy she doesn’t know what to do with it. We were at Cecelia’s house with 15 other girls and it was two in the morning. She was still up playing with the cat and wasn’t even tired.

She is also a wild girl. Like I said, she never runs out of fuel and can just keep trucking on. Another time, we got to name Cecelia’s new puppies! We named them the most normal names we could think of: Alfred & Boris. Later, we learned that they changed the names. We were so disappointed. Some other friends I’ve made along the way are as follows: Skylar, Evan, and Mara.  In conclusion, these are the best people I got. And I hope that these are the people who are made to be my best friends because these people are the people who will become my lifelong friends, even after high school. 


Volleyball is one of the most important things to me. I love the game, but I also love the people who play it with me. I’ve been blessed to have a really good coach and teammates. Sydney. My best friend on the team and one of my best friends at school. She is tall, blonde, and has braces. She is a leader and is kind of like a third captain of our team. Sydney is always a helpful person. Anytime I need help with homework or on a volleyball skill, she always offers to help. One time, at a volleyball game, the seventh graders were playing and I just wasn't getting my language arts homework. She sat with me and went through every problem, making sure I knew how to do every problem.

Another trait to describe her is loving. She can love anyone and everything. She is about to find the small little positive things about anything. She also has a special place in her heart for animals. I can’t imagine Sydney without thinking of her saying “isn’t she so cute!” I met Sydney sometime in Elementary school and for as long as I can remember, we were always bus buddies. I remember in fifth grade, Sydney, Autumn, and I sat in the back of the bus across from Treyton, Isaiah, and Payton. Cheri, our bus driver, had a rule where we couldn’t eat food on the bus. We would always try to sneak goldfish and pretzels into our mouths without getting caught. Of course, we never did get caught by the bus driver, even though the boys eventually figured it out. 


Zoe is also one of my very good friends on my volleyball team. She is small and has beautiful, long, blonde hair. She is a really good leader and that is why she is a team captain with me. Zoe and I have both been captain for the last two seasons and it has been so much fun. She is also a really bold person. She is willing to try new stuff, like jumpserving, and is confident in her abilities. Zoe is a really competitive person at volleyball and just in general. She is always in the mood to win, and is the first person to cheer after we score a point. I met her sometime in Elementary school, and one particular memory I have with her was in second grade. She handed me her CFL picture but right before she handed it to me she had to write her name on the back! I still have that picture today!


Lyla is another person who has become one of my close friends, thanks to volleyball. She is of average height, and is a dark brunette. I first became friends with her in sixth grade when we sat by each other in art class. Lyla definitely is an unpredictable person. Sometimes she can be shy and quiet but she can also speak her mind if she wants to. Sarcastic is one of those words that perfectly describes her. Sometimes, I have no clue if she is being sarcastic or not so I just guess. She is also an introvert. I can see her going home and going to bed rather than going to a party. She keeps close friends and is very selective and loyal. She wouldn’t hang out with someone she does not like. She would straight up tell them that she does not want to hang out. In sixth grade, Lyla and I would always fight over this one chair. It was called the “hank chair” because it had the word “hank” written on the side. The sad thing was, when we came back in seventh grade, the hank chair was no longer there.


The twins, Bookelyn and Brieona are some of my closest friends. Brookelyn is very humorous. She is always making a joke about anything and is always making me laugh. She is also carefree. If she doesn't care about something, she really won’t try. But, if she wants to try, she will. Brookelyn is also the kind of person who can go up to a random person and talk to them. She would be super awkward but she can do it. One time, I went over to her house for a sleepover and her parents took us to McDonald’s. She started talking to the cashier at the window, through the back seat! She was talking about volleyball and soccer game we went to. It was so awkward but really, really funny! I met Brookelyn in Elementary school and have had a lot of great memories with her. One time at a sleepover, we were playing volleyball in her brother’s room and the ball hit the watermelon bowl and all the juice spilled all over the place! That was a big mess to clean up.


Amulya is one of those people who never betrays your trust and you can tell them anything and you know they won’t tell anyone. She is also very successful. She gets good grades and does everything to her fullest ability, and somehow manages to make it still look good. Generous is definitely a word to describe her. She always helps me when I’m struggling and always lets me borrow something if I forgot it. Amulya is also very studious. Like I mentioned, she gets really good grades and really cares about her school work. She is tall, skinny, and has long black hair. She also plays middle on our volleyball team. I met her sometime in Elementary school and one particular memory I have with her is at her birthday party. Some of us were pretending to be the students and one person would be the mean teacher. All the students would end up escaping and the teacher would have to chase after them. 


Brieona, Brookelyn twin, is also one of my very good friends. I’ve had a lot of great times with her including sleepovers, baking cakes, and volleyball. Isabelle, who I became really good friends with in fifth grade, is someone I really like playing with. She is really good and makes it fun. In fifth grade, after we would finish our math assignment, we would sit there and play the concentration game. 

Taylor and Gabby

Taylor and Gabby are definitely people I am so glad they are on the team. They are both shy and quiet but are so fun when you get to know them. Taylor is a giant, opposed to Gabby, who is kind of short. 


Renne is someone who I wouldn’t know if we did not play volleyball together. But, I am so glad I met her. She always brightens my day and puts me in a good mood. Raelana has been always in a good mood, even through the rough times. I can’t wait to get to know this girl, even after volleyball season. Last, but certainly not least, Coach Mey. She may not  be our age, but we can talk to her about anything. She is practically a kid! I am so glad she is our coach! She knows how to make it fun and enjoyable. All things considered, my team is the most amazing team and I wouldn’t change them for the world. I can’t wait to see us all grow as the season continues and become a really close team.

Friends in Other Spheres of My Life

Although it probably seems so, my friends are not just from church and volleyball. I’ve made friends at school and around the community. Rosemary, or Rosie, lives just down the road from us and I am constantly with her when I’m not at school or volleyball. Rosie is the most sarcastic person I know. She always has to say some snarky comment after everything you say. But, she is also a very hardworking. Growing up on a farm is probably not the easiest thing to do. She feeds her horses, does chores, and drives tractors in fields. Thanks to all her hard work, she is very strong.

She can beat my brother in a wrestling match and he is a pretty masculine person. Witty equals Rosemary. She has a comeback for everything and anything. She can come back to anything, but normally she has good comebacks for when people call her short. This short, dirty blonde, skinny, farm girl, is one person who I will always be friends with. One time, we were riding her horse and we both fell off! That hurt but it was so so fun! Another time was when we went on a campout with a bunch of other girls in the middle of the woods. Her brother, Clark, and his friend Jonny tried to scare us but we were smarter than them and we called her other brothers and they came and scared them off with B.B. guns! It was quite the show. Rosie’s sister, Melody, who I also grew up with, is one of my best friends.

Like her sister, she is short and has dirty blonde hair. Also like her sister, Melody is witty. She has some pretty good comebacks too and you can see she takes on from her sister. Sometimes, she can even be a little mischievous. She causes some trouble but in the end everyone ends up getting a good laugh over it. Living on the wild side is something that she does. She does not care what others think of her and does whatever she wants. One time, we had to deliver cans of corn on a four-wheeler down the road to her sister’s house. Thankfully, we did not drop any of the corn and it was delivered safely. Even though Melody almost fell off. Another thing I do with them a lot is eat popsicles. Our freezer is always full of popsicles and people just help themselves. When we were little, Rosie, Melody, and I would take a cooler of popsicles, scissors, and a blanket on our barn roof and we would sit up there for ours talking and eating popsicles.

Bronwyn, or as I call her, midget buddie has been my friend since first grade but recently we have gotten a lot closer. I call her my midget buddy because we are both really short. She also has blonde hair and is really short. Bronwyn is the most lovable person on Earth. She is scary but she is short and that just makes me love her so much! I can not see someone not liking her. But, she is also very mischievous. Fun fact: she can eat bologna three different ways! She always has some sort of plan for something, but usually never goes through with it. Silly is Bronwyn in one word. She says the most random stuff but it is hilarious.

One time in Elementary, we had a sleepover and we stayed up really late talking about books and stuff. I can’t say that we would still stay up all night talking about books now! We also grew up in church together. When no one was in the sanctuary, we would go up near the front and play a game called the “Clairabelle Game.” There was this old lady at church who would always wag her finger at you if you swing your legs or not paying attention. So we made up this game where one of us would do something bad, like stick out our tongue, then the other person, or the “Clairabelle” would hit the other person with the book. Giulianna is something special. One time I told her that her pocket fell out (which can’t really happen) and she looked at her pocket and see if it fell out. She is so gullible. She is also very energetic and always has energy, even when she is tired.

Giulianna is also stubborn. If she has an opinion on something, it will be very hard to change her opinion, even if she knows you are right. Giulianna is tall, even though she claims she is short! She has brown hair and braces. I met her in Elementary school, like a lot of other people, but I am not really sure when we became friends. I remember when we won the county relays for track and me a Giulianna were so excited we were jumping up and down. When we ran our victory lap, she ran beside me and we were all so excited. I also remember in study hall last year she would always call me short and jokes about my height, like everyone else in that class. Other friends I’ve made are Izabel and Macey. These people mean so much to me and I hope they stay my friends as we make our way up to highschool. 

I’m thankful that I have many parachutes that have been there for me the first time and haven’t let me down. I’ve made lots of different friends from different places like school, volleyball, the community and church and I couldn’t imagine my life without these people and I love them all so much.



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