Essay About Win And Loss. My Football Game Experience

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  • Published: 29 May 2021
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Have you ever been so close to winning the gold for your school, then soon realize that one clumsy mistake can cost you the game? Well my team and I found that out the hard way. 

It all started two years ago, my football team  The Stillson Stingers, we were going up against the best team in the league, they have never been beaten before. It was just an hour before the game everyone has just started to warm up, and get ready for the biggest game of the season for us. About forty-five minutes our coach Scott called us into the locker room and said, “It turns out that the starting kick and punt returner, running back, cornerback, and safety on the other team had dislocated his knee and will not be playing tonight.”  

Finally things started to look up for us that was until we heard the assistant coach Johnny said, “ Although the best player in the league Wilson Beyersdorf had transferred to Hillcrest and is playing tonight.”That was when everyone started to panic at that point we started to panic the coaches blew their whistles so loud that I’m sure that the other locker room got the echo to. After that we went over some plays about five minutes later the alarms went off in the locker room which meant game time. 

As soon as we heard the man on the Announcements say, “Introducing the undefeated Stilson Stingers, but a select few of us stayed behind I was one of those people. That meant I was one of the best players on our team from the coaches point of view, Bruce Sanborn, Joe Ruter, Benny Rooney, and I all got chosen to stay behind. After we were announced, we heard the home side of the crowd start to roar. Then the man announcing yell, “Get on your feet for your home team,  the champs two years in a row, the undefeated Hillcrest Panthers!” A deafening roar came from the tunnel and at that moment we knew we were in for it. Then we saw the referees come out to center field and they motioned towards the sidelines that meant it was time for the coin flip. 

A few of us went out there I was one of them, we all shook hands then the refs said “Stingers you pick heads or tails?” as we call him “Big Joe” blurted, “heads!” The ref flipped the coin it bounced up and finally rattled its way to the ground. the ref called it “head it is, would you like to kick or receive?” We all agreed on receiving. Everyone was still extremely anxious, even the coaches.

The coaches said “Garrett you know Austin right? Well you are going to break us down today, you know what to do.” At that point I was like “ahh” Joe who was impatint said “Come on ‘G’ we ain't got all day” I really should have saw that one coming. So I said “Huddle up guys, the Panthers may be undefeated, but so are we, so let's go out there give it our all if we lose we lose like men, but if we win we win like kids. Just think about it like another game, we are undefeated and who cares if we win or lose? We are still the Stingers! So we are going to go out there give it our all.” Then we did our breakdown I got to do that too.

Now it is time for the game Ben returns the kick for about twenty-six yards. After the half we had kept Austin in the backfield. Until the start of the third quarter Austin was returning he juked out almost everyone, but Benny and I had played with each other for three years knew what we needed to do. Austin is at our own fifteen yard line, and just as he got to the ten yard line, Ben and I smashed him and brought him down five yards away from scoring. It turns out that we broke Austin’s arm and that had ended his football season. Neither team scored for the rest of the game since Austin is out. So we were forced into overtime, With the best team in the league.” 

In the locker room you could see that we were just exhausted Joe has sweat dripping from his mouth guard,  the entire locker room reeked of sweat and swamp like shoes , even the coaches were laughing when ben took off his shoes and dumped out sweat. Some people were taking showers to feel fresh for the overtime. Once  we got told to go out to the field, I swear we had never been so fired up all season. Although the coaches always say to us when you’re fired up your mistakes always follow.

Everyone was fired up and ready to go, besides Benny and I in which we were still in shock that we broke Austin's arm. We kept on going until, we shook our heads when we looked  over at the scoreboard which told us that we had stayed in it the score was still 0-0. So it was for the number one seed in our half of the division, so double-overtime it is. We were pretty much electric until Austin’s friend made an illegal hit after the play was dead, Ben’s knee was dislocated. For that Beau got thrown out of the game.

In the final two minutes of the game it felt like it was never ending. We fumbled and gave up seventeen yards on the fumble return. We managed to intercept a pass. One minute twenty-three seconds left in the game. Then we did a fumblerooski and the center dropped the ball and gave up the fumble. Fifty-nine seconds left. They brought in Carl who  got a sixty yard run. Forty-seven seconds. Then they are inside the ten yard line thinking they would run the coach called an all out blitz. Yeah they caught on and called something out before I could reverse the play the snap was taken, our safety was caught  picking flowers for his mom, when he was supposed to be covering but  luckily he stood up just at the right time the quarterback throws the ball, it went off the safeties’ finger tips and went right into the tight end’s hands. next thing you know we all hear over the P.A. “ TOUCHDOWN! PANTHERS! TOUCHDOWN!” 

Back in the locker room sorrow flooded, for we had it on the grasps of our finger tips and it got ripped from our hands. Ben came up to me on crutches and sat down. For Ben may have been injured but he had never been more proud in the team, he is amazed that we made it that far.

In conclusion that losing can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time, you can learn amazing  lessons, or you can lose it all.

In that case we lost it all.



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