My Summer Vacation Essay Example

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  • Published: 06 August 2020
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Did you know that about 6 million people break a bone each year. It was my 7th birthday, and I had just got a new trampoline for my birthday and I was really excited. I invited my friends over for my birthday party. I was jumping on the black trampoline with my friends and then my mom said “time for cake and  presents.” The springs on the corner bounced me in the air out the net on the grassy floor. 

I frog-jumped out of the trampoline and hit the ground using my arms to break my fall. I looked down at my arm and saw that my arm was in half and crooked. I was in so much pain I could scream. 

I yelled, “Mom I think I broke my arm!!” My mom came rushing in and saw my arm. I was in so much shock that I didn't even cry. We got into the ambulance and went to the emergency room. The ambulance was screeching with importance. 

When we got there I had to wait for about half an hour till they could fix my arm. They gave me laughing gas the last thing I remember was the doctors saying with grief “one, two, three…” when I woke up I looked down at my arm and it was back to normal but it was in a sling. I asked what they did my dad told me “they put your arm back into place.” I got up and went home. 

The next week was kind of boring When I was home with my brother we decided to go back on the trampoline. We were jumping and my brother jumped into me and I fell painfully on my ankle. I got out and sat on my couch. “Mom, my ankle really hurts,” I moaned. My ankle started to turn purple and blue. I went to get an x-ray on my arm, which I had to get weekly,  I got one on my ankle and it was broken. The next week I got my cast for my arm and a boot for my ankle. 

The rest of the summer was kind of uneventful with a cast on both my arm and ankle. My mom decided to get rid of the trampoline which was kind of sad, but made sense to get rid of it. I learned patience and not to jump right when you get the chance, but to wait for the right time.



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