Have You Ever Discovered Your Passion Essay Example

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  • Published: 07 November 2020
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I was only four when I found mine. Ever since I learned how to write, I realized that I want to be an author someday. Over the years, I slowly enhanced my storytelling. The improvements came with both positives and negatives that still affect me today. I have a lot to learn, but I will continue refining my writing skills.

My passion for composing stories started when I was taught how to write in preschool. I couldn’t write that well yet, but I wanted to come up with my own stories. I contemplated how I wanted my story to go before I wrote them down. Afterward, I inscribed words onto blank pieces of paper that I taped together. In order to make my story more straightforward, I added poorly drawn pictures that related to my story. When I was finished, I shared my story with other people. This became a weekly habit of mine. I rushed most of the narratives I wrote, but I still enjoyed them. As I got older, I learned more about writing and everything about my storytelling improved. My spelling and grammar skills surpassed those of most people my age and I was able to do a great deal more than I could before. Just like my writing skills, the expectations that I had for my writing also grew. 

After numerous creative writing assignments in school, writer’s block became common for me and I started to develop writing anxiety. I started to compare my storytelling to the works of strangers’, causing my stories to seem mediocre in comparison. I became self-conscious about my works. I even believed that I would never be on par with professionals. I stopped writing as often as I used to, even outside of school. Most of my writing was then done in my head instead of on paper and I stopped sharing my stories with other people. That was, until I learned how to combat my writer’s block and writing anxiety.

Instead of letting my writer’s block and writing anxiety overwhelm me, I have figured out how to use my writer’s block and writing anxiety to help me. They both give me inspiration. They also motivate me to take my time with plots and character developments instead of rushing them like I used to. Because of this, my stories are of better quality as a result. I still experience writer’s block and writing anxiety. Nevertheless, they don’t completely hinder my progress when it comes to writing stories. My creative writing skills are still not perfect, but I have refined them and will continue to do so.



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