Balancing Between School And Life Challenges Essay Example

The limbo effect is a very difficult state of mind to be in. It’s where you’re in a situation and is caught between both sides of the problem and is uncertain how to fix it. I was once stuck in limbo. It’s hard and will take time to get out of it. While I was in limbo, it made me run away from my problems, but it can take one thing to come back to a ​certainty of how to fix the problem. My one thing of Certainty was Color/ Winter Guard.

It all started at the end of freshman year of high school. While I was a freshman my older stepbrother was a senior. He was already on the wrong path, Partying all the time, drinking. He didn’t care about school. Well, he soon started failing classes and my parents were obviously upset. They would scream at him every day about his wrong decisions. I don’t like controversy, it stresses me out. Being around controversy at home started making me very stressed. It was to the point where the one place to rest my head at, I couldn’t do because of all the negative energy and yelling. I was sick and tired of all of it all and I started to hate being home. I talked to the one person I trusted at the time about how I hated being home and it was a friend. She told me about how she’s in Cologuard and loved it. I didn’t know what color guard was and I didn’t care what it was, as long as I could get out of the house. my brother went to hang out with friends and decided not to come home for a week. I follow him on social media and saw he was partying in Chicago and was doing drugs. I didn’t know if I should tell my parents or stay out of it. That was the first level of limbo for me.

Tryouts were at the end of April and I was excited to go. I didn’t have to be at home, and I can meet new friends. I went to tryouts and the first object I saw was a 6-foot weighted flag pole. The coach told everyone to pick up a flag and start learning. I saw other girls tossing the flags over their head and spinning the flag. Right away,I regretted my decision to try out, but it was still better than being at home, so I took the chance at made the team. Once I got home, I wanted to tell my parents the exciting news that I made the team, but I couldn’t. My parents were busy with my brother, they found out my brother would not graduate high school. A week went by and I finally got to tell my parents I’m in color guard. My parents were so happy that I was doing something positive with my life. 

Being in the middle of seeing my brother go the wrong path and my Grandfather getting weaker and weaker from cancer, trying to balance school and guard, I felt like my life was spiraling down. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I was front and center of everything. Just like my toss I had to do on saber. Tossing the saber around your neck, you can’t breathe for just a second, but I felt like that every day.



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